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aacp training courses

Nicky Snazell AACP Foundation training

Author, teacher and Harley Street Physiotherapist Nicky Snazell on AACP training. Over the years, Nicky has developed her own approach and has written five books on this. Central is the use of acupuncture and IMS and in Nicky’s opinion ‘the needle is an essential diagnostic tool’. The clinic sends the team on AACP foundation and…

Physiotherapist Jobs Stafford

Physiotherapist Jobs Stafford

Physiotherapy Jobs Stafford – Apply NOW Vacancy details A rare opportunity for a physiotherapist to work at one of the UK’s leading private clinics, a fantastic working environment in a grade II listed building, with a friendly and motivated team and a high level of technical support. The role offers the job satisfaction of being…

Internship of Nicky Snazell’s Advanced Needling Skills

Internship of Nicky Snazell’s Advanced Needling Skills

The Practical Application of Nicky Snazell’s Advanced Needling Skills Nicky Snazell is one of the worlds leading GunnIMS dry needling practitioners, having reached the highest training level and awarded a fellowship of ISTOP.  She has treated thousands of patients over nearly 30 years, taught IMS and presented on pain and health internationally, and written 5…

Eye On The Needle – Acupuncture

Eye On The Needle – Acupuncture

Most people have heard of acupuncture and understandably assume that if a treatment involves a needle, it must be acupuncture. This is akin to saying that everybody who uses a knife must be a surgeon. Our task is thus to look in depth at all the ways that needles are used so that you have…

MRT Stafford

Back pain, relief from the most common cause of disability in the UK

  Back pain is the most common cause of disability, so how do you get back pain relief? In this page, we look at back pain relief and how this effects you. We also discuss the best solutions and make recommendations for those who are suffering. There is also a case study example of how…

physiotherapy spinal disk bulge

Spinal Disk Bulge Physiotherapy

Spinal Disk Bulge Physiotherapy For A Spinal Disc Rupture Can a disc slip? The simple answer is no. It’s a layman’s term that is unfortunately very misleading to the general public.“My disc has slipped out, can you put it back in” is not an uncommon conversation opener on the telephone. Of course, it’s quite difficult…

vertigo treatments, physiotherapists

Physiotherapy Treatment For Vertigo

Physiotherapy Treatment For Vertigo Caused By BPPV Vertigo is a problem that affects around half the population at some point in their lives and is more common as we get older. Fortunately, the symptoms usually only last for a few seconds to a minute or so, but the symptoms are very unpleasant including: • Nausea…

Rotator Cuff Physiotherapy image

Rotator Cuff Physiotherapy, Shoulder Treatment

Rotator Cuff Physiotherapy Many have heard of the rotator cuff in the shoulder and, not surprisingly, believe it to be a single part of the shoulder. The rotator cuff is, in fact, a group of four muscles that work together to provide dynamic stability of the shoulder joint, helping to control the joint during rotation:…

Postcode Lottery for NHS

NHS Service Provision Lottery

Healthcare Lottery NHS UK Many of you will have heard this term before, which related to the enormous differences in NHS service provision across the country. This led to the creation of NICE, a body which was responsible for authorising treatments, which were then supposedly going to offered countrywide. A recent study by Which, however,…

event management women smiling

How well executed event management helps your health

Great event management can help your health and here’s how At Nicky Snazell Clinic Stafford, we find ourselves treating events staff, exhibitors and conference managers for stress-related issues such as back pain, neck pain, and general niggles, most of which are the result of stress caused by their jobs. If you are involved with running an…

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