Important Ambassador Referral Scheme Update

We have had to make some changes to our half price Ambassador offer because it has caused a lot of confusion.


Read on to find out what the changes are and how you can still get 12 months of half price treatment.


A few weeks ago we launched an unbelievably good referral offer of half price treatment if you referred three clients to us within a six month period. To qualify as a referral, the person being referred needs to be somebody completely new to the clinic and has to attend an assessment and at least two follow up appointments.

The first two referrals would entitle the referrer to a £20 discount voucher and for a limited time we added an extra sweetener whereby the new client referred would also get a £20 discount, in effect, gifted from the referrer.

While we thought this was an irresistible offer, it has caused all kinds of negative confusion, including numerous existing clients who have turned up wanting the referral discount.

To avoid any further confusion, we have decided that with immediate effect, the offer of the new client also getting a £20 discount has been withdrawn.

BUT, that doesn’t mean we won’t continue with what can only be described as a fantastic offer to you, an existing client, who wants to refer new clients.

Our amazing ambassador offer will continue:

If you refer three completely new clients to us within six months, who genuinely need our help and attend for an assessment and at least two follow up appointments, this will automatically enrol you in our Ambassador Club, which will entitle you to half price treatment for 12 months (rules apply. See below)

To maintain membership of the Ambassador club for another year, we have made it even easier for you, as all you have to do is refer three more new qualifying clients within your first year as a member. To stay on this scheme just keep referring three more new clients each year.

What this means is that you have the option of paying half price for as long as you want. The value our clinic offers, our clients tell us, is already outstanding, not only because of our specialist knowledge, but also due to the broad range of latest technology, all at no extra cost. (most clinics charge extra for this technology)   At half price it makes what we offer almost unmatchable.  

Here is another big benefit to you. Many clients have told us that they really would have benefited from an hours appointment but their finances didn’t stretch that far. As an Ambassador, you could book an hour EVERY TIME and only pay the price of half an hour.

Half price, full price? 
It’s in your control how much you pay

Ambassador Membership Rules

For the first two qualifying referrals, we will give you a £20 discount voucher. When you have referred three new clients within six months, you will be enrolled as an Ambassador and from that date, you could gain more than 5 times more than the discount scheme offers! A maximum of 12 treatments at half price is allowed in any single year. Benefits are non transferable. All discounts are on the full price of each item, not on an already discounted price. To qualify as a referral, the person referred must not already be a listed client at our clinic.


Let’s give you an example:

  • First new qualifying referral 1st May 2024.  You get a £20 discount voucher
  • Second new qualifying referral 16th June 2024. You get a £20 discount voucher
  • Third new qualifying referral 30th September 2024.
  • Between 1st May and 30th September, you paid full price for any treatments, less the discounts, if you chose to use them.
  • You have now referred three new qualifying clients within six months and you are automatically enrolled as an Ambassador.
  • As of 30th September 2024 you will be an Ambassador for 12 months, until 30th September 2025 and eligible for half price treatment.
  • Fourth new qualifying referral 20th November 2024.   This will be your first referral while an Ambassador. You will have until 30th September 2025 to refer two more new and qualifying clients to extend your membership from 30th September 2025 to 30th September 2026.
  • While you are an Ambassador you are eligible for half price treatment which could give you more than 5 times the discount scheme. You will not get a £20 discount voucher for any referral while an Ambassador.


Instead, each qualifying referral will count towards you maintaining your half price eligibility for another 12 months.


If you don’t want to become an Ambassador and would prefer to refer on a slower basis, we will continue to give you a £20 discount for every qualifying referral.

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