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Nicky Snazell IMS

Nicky Snazell IMS

Many people suffer from chronic pain and are unable to find an effective long term treatment to relieve it. Intramuscular stimulation provides an alternative, effective treatment for the relief of chronic pain. It has been proven to effectively:

  • Make chronic pain history.
  • Play sport at your best.
  • Stop taking drugs.
  • Prevent surgery.

The fact is that many of these problems can be symptoms, the cause being in the spine and you can go on treating symptoms forever and still be in pain or restricted in movement.

Think of your car, if your headlight bulb keeps blowing because of a faulty wire in the fuse box, then you need to fix the fuse box, not keep replacing the headlight bulb.

The way that human anatomy is formed in the womb means that the limbs can be considered an extension of the spine. So specific parts of the body are controlled by specific nerves, their roots emerging at the spine. Just as in the car analogy, you could have pain in your foot because of a nerve problem in your back, or an elbow problem because of a nerve problem in the neck.

Many spinal problems can be linked to muscular problems and the facts are that neither MRI nor X-ray can see such problems. IMS will find and treat muscular related nerve (neuropathic) problems and is used as part of a wider treatment by a physiotherapist. For neuropathic problems IMS is unsurpassed.

What is GunnIMS?

dr-chan-gunn-150x150Many people who suffer from chronic pain become frustrated  and depressed when their Doctor cannot help. Some try medications and physical therapies, such as massage, physiotherapy, manipulations, even surgery and do not find lasting...

GunnIMS for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a form of pain that last for a prolonged period. This timescale can range from several weeks to many years, and can the pain worsens over time. Chronic pain can significantly affect quality of life, and can lead to many secondary conditions including depression. This cycle can be difficult to break from.

Nicky Snazell

Nicky Snazell

Have you suffered months, or even years of pain and have you tried everything, but nothing seems to help? Are you on a cocktail of drugs to control your pain, are concerned about the possible side effects of the drugs and do not want to be on the drugs forever? Have you suffered years of pain but nobody seems to know what it is?

If this is you, then it could be you have a neuropathic problem, which conventional scans such as X-ray and MRI, simply cannot see. This is where GunnIMS excels, it is unsurpassed in diagnosing then treating such problems. That's why so many people come to this clinic from all over the UK, from Europe, the Middle and Far East and the Caribbean. GunnIMS succeeds where other treatments fail and is used as part of a wider physiotherapy treatment.

GunnIMS for Sports Injuries

GunnIMS Practitioner Staffordshire

Footballer sports injury

Complex sports injuries are often not resolved by conventional physiotherapy techniques. In part this is because many sports injuries have a neuropathic origin. GunnIMS works by treating the root cause of the problem, and can also treat local muscle spasm.

Sports athletes have been shown to recover far more quickly from their injuries when GunnIMS has been used in their treatment. Some national teams and Olympic squads require IMS practitioners to be part of their core therapy team.

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