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For wellness and health maintenance, speak to our team about ongoing support to ensure you are at your peak health.

Sports Injury & Rehab

Sports injuries need fixing fast so that you can get back to your favourite sport asap. Our Sports Therapists have the skill and technology you need.

Chronic Pain or Injury

Don’t suffer chronic unresolved pain needlessly. Our combination of specialist skills and technology show that such conditions can be resolved without the risks of surgery.

chase run lab

Chase Run Lab

Providing you with access to highly qualified therapists who really
understand running gait and biomechanics. Supported by Footscan
technology, we can provide you with a detailed understanding of your
current problems and how to improve. If you want to reduce pain and
the risk of injury, or just run further, faster, we can help.


Nicky Snazell’s Wellness, Pain Relief & Physiotherapy Stafford

We relieve your pain by treating your whole body, inside and out, without the need for drugs or surgery

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Trusted By Over 16,000 Clients Globally
Furthest Referral Sydney Australia

Our Gift To You

We don’t only strive to provide the very best expertise and environment for you as we also look for ways to make the treatment as affordable as possible. At the moment we are running two schemes to help you and both are available to you right now.

Loyalty Scheme

As a thank you to you for putting your trust in us, we will add a loyalty credit of £2 for each appointment you attend and pay for in full.  Once you reach 5 credits, you can claim a £10 discount on your next appointment. Rules apply.


Referral Scheme

You may not realise it, but you already know a lot more than most about how and where to get pain treated and at a clinic you can trust. Also, you probably know quite a few people, friends and family, who are in pain but perhaps don’t even realise their condition is treatable in the first place, let alone where to go to get top class treatment they can trust.  That’s why referral is such a powerful tool and it’s a tool in your hands. Simply put, you have the ability to help others get out of pain and what better gift can there be than this.

As a thank you to you for taking the time to help somebody else by referring them to us, we are currently running our Ambassador scheme, which can get you half-price treatment for a year!  All you have to do is refer three new clients to us within six months, and we will automatically enrol you as a Referral Ambassador, and that will entitle you to half-price treatment for the next year. If you want to retain these unbelievable benefits, just refer three more clients in your first year as an Ambassador and your membership will be extended for another year.

If you feel you would not be able to refer three, then don’t worry, we still have something special for you. We will give you a £20 voucher for each referral you make, until you reach Ambassador status.  

Don’t delay; these offers are time-limited. Rules Apply.

We Are Going To Make Referring Easy For You

You will probably find yourself wanting to refer somebody to us at just the wrong time. You’re in a rush and you don’t have a pen or paper to write our phone number, or more likely you can’t remember our number in the first place.  Fear not. We have created some simple cards that allows you to put your name on the front and all our contact details are on the back. All you need to do is keep a couple of the cards in your wallet or purse, so that you can hand them out easily. If you need more we can post some to you or you can pick them up at your next visit. Whatever works best for you.

Ongoing Research Provides You With Cutting Edge Knowledge and Skills

Nicky has travelled extensively to work alongside and learn from leaders in their field, from Europe to North America to The Far East. She has distilled all this knowledge into her own unique treatment technique. Not content to stand still, she continues to research and study every day, constantly looking for new knowledge to take her treatment skills to ever-higher levels. She is already working on her sixth book to ensure this knowledge is available to all and constantly teaches the team at her clinic.

What do we mean by inside and out?

We have treated well over 16,000 clients, and as a result, we have the experience and expertise to build a solid understanding of the causes of most pain. What we have learnt, over and over again, is that pain in the musculoskeletal structure, the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, is quite often linked to or even a direct result of mental and health issues.

For example, we have found that a person’s chronic back pain was directly linked to childhood trauma. By resolving that trauma, the chronic back pain disappeared.

Similarly, we look at each client’s overall health with four key measures of

• Mindset
• Diet & nutrition
• Fitness
• Lifestyle

and the measures are simplified into easily understood red, amber and green traffic lights. Our goal is to move clients to four green keys. Importantly we understand that the treatment provided must be in line with the client's health status. For example, some treatments would be contraindicated at four red keys but appropriate at a mixture of amber and green keys.

Hence optimised results can only be achieved by treatment inside and out.


All our team will make you feel welcome, safe and confident with the friendly, professional and highly efficient treatment you receive.


Your Health Matters To Us

Once we have helped you with your immediate pain or injury problem we can partner you on your journey to a longer, healthier and happier life. We can even help prevent your problem from occurring in the future. So if you are looking for Physiotherapists Stafford and surrounding areas, look no further than Nicky Snazell's. 

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Thank you in advance.

Nicky x