Rub A Dub Dub

Most of us know deep down that a good massage helps alleviate pain, stress and anxiety, and helps promote flexibility and looking younger. Why is it then that most casually dismiss the benefits of an occasional rub, even though they may be needlessly suffering some, or even all of the above symptoms?

Read on to find out more about how massage could help you.

Massage is a pillar to physiotherapy, in fact physiotherapy started with four lady masseurs in the late 1800’s, who could see the benefits of hands-on therapy. Of course, physiotherapy has grown in capability massively since then, in line with our greater understanding of the physical body, in part due to vastly improved scanning technology. Rather than diminish the significance of massage, however, this increased knowledge has only served to amplify its benefits.
Thus, just as its founders recognised over 100 years ago, massage remains an essential tool in the physiotherapists toolbox. A well-trained therapist will use his or her hands not only to treat, but also diagnose, as they will be able to pick up tight muscles, knots and problems in connective tissue that would be totally invisible to even the most advanced scanning technology available today.

Massage is not just for the physical ailments, as it can equally help resolve locked in stress and anxiety, which resides in the stomach and gut. (Have you ever noticed when you are stressed or upset that you so often suffer an upset stomach? That mind-body link is so often overlooked and yet so important to overall wellness)
Physiotherapists make massage an integral part of their treatment to rejuvenate health for 7 reasons:

M is for movement of your connective tissue, allowing the layers to slide, rejuvenating cells, and giving a flexible youthful glow to the skin. Stimulating fibroblasts to make youthful collagen, keeping your skin soft and supple, looking younger.
A stands for Anti-Aging, accelerating blood flow, boosting circulation, oxygen and nutrients and invigorating your body’s vital systems enhancing longevity.
S signifies stress release, melting physical and mental anxiety, promoting wellness.
S for stimulation of the lymphatic system, crucial for detoxifying your body and boosting your immunity. We also use deep oscillation through our hands on technology that boosts stimulation.
A alleviation of pain, targeting and releasing sore trigger points and stretching out tight muscles
G denotes greater flexibility, stretching and loosening the muscles and joints, improving your range of motion.
E is for emotional balance, harmonizing your body and mind, elevating your mood, and fostering emotional resilience.

If you want to step into a physiotherapy session that embraces peace and vitality, then find someone like us that combines massage within physiotherapy.

Whether you are looking to relieve chronic pain, reduce stress or speed up the rehab of a sports injury, come over to our physiotherapy sanctuary.

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