Sandra Wright Joins Our Team

Olympic Bronze Medalist 1992 Barcelona

Women’s Health & MSK Physiotherapist


When I started working in the Staffordshire area I soon heard about Nicky Snazell and how she was an amazing holistic practitioner. That was me, a holistic physio who looked at people as a whole. I was intrigued. I wanted to find out a lot more about Nicky and her clinic.


Read on to follow Sandra’s story.

I was soul searching and thought why not just reach out to Nicky. She engaged with me immediately and I knew that the connection was there. The thought of having the opportunity to work in a clinic with such an amazing therapist as Nicky completely blew my mind!


On visiting the clinic and meeting Nicky and Alan face to face I thought I had come home. It was a perfect setting and felt like I had visited the clinic before, although of course I hadn't. All the staff were so welcoming and warming. 


On watching Nicky treat some of her patients, I knew I had to work here. She treated patients completely differently to anything I’d witnessed before and it was clear that her dry needling skills were at an unbelievably high level. 


Although I am bringing another skill to the clinic as a Women’s Health/ Pelvic Health physio, I do use acupuncture as a treatment modality on a daily basis and Nicky would be a phenomenal acupuncture and dry needling mentor! The training and education that she has shared worldwide is amazing and I wanted to have some of that, as part of her team, shared with me too. 


I am naturally very competitive, always striving to be my best, never accepting the status quo. I thus have a strong need to learn and learn from the best, as only the best will do. That’s why joining the team at Nicky Snazell Clinic was so important to me.


"I am so glad to be welcomed on board. Thanks for having me, I am honoured."


If you are suffering with any pelvic floor problems, then you are not alone, as a third of women suffer with this at some point in their life. Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Help is at hand.


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