During a womens health appointment, firstly you will be made to feel at ease! You can expect a thorough discussion about your condition which will include taking a full medical history, discuss your symptoms and concerns related to this and sometimes discuss things more holistically around your whole health. You will also be asked whether you have tried any treatments before.

  • Wear something comfortable, that you can move around in.
  • Also something that you can get changed in and out of easily may be useful as well.

A physical examination will be required and this may mean looking at how you move and how your body is put together to see if larger themes may be playing a role to your concerns. This may involve assessment of your trunk, legs and arms.  Even bladder and bowel concerns can be tied to your whole body.

Equally, this may also include checking your pelvic floor muscles (this is with your full consent). We are assessing for strength, co-ordination and function. Sometimes assessing organ function with visceral manipulation and possibly imaging tests like Ultrasounds.

It is important that you understand the ways in which the therapist might interact with you and your body and at any stage you can say ‘NO’ and ask for an exam to be ended at any point.

The therapist may include certain things in the appointment and give you things to do at home. Together, these may include:

Women's Health Treatments

  • hands on treatment (manual techniques), 
  • Discuss some changes to the way that you eat/drink or urinate/defecate 
  • Stretching and exercises
  • Breathing techniques
  • Pelvic floor exercise
  • Acupuncture
  • Self massage
  • Life style changes
  • Give you handouts 

This will all be to help you meet your goals.

It is essential to communicate openly and honestly with your therapist during the appointment. But remember the plan is for YOU! So please speak up if any parts of it are confusing or don’t seem possible for you in your current situation.

If you are in pain, we can help

or call 01889 881488

Jean, Erica & Charlotte will be happy to help

Olympic Bronze Medalist 1992 Barcelona

Women’s Health & MSK Physiotherapist


When I started working in the Staffordshire area I soon heard about Nicky Snazell and how she was an amazing holistic practitioner. That was me, a holistic physio who looked at people as a whole. I was intrigued. I wanted to find out a lot more about Nicky and her clinic.


Read on to follow Sandra’s story.

I was soul searching and thought why not just reach out to Nicky. She engaged with me immediately and I knew that the connection was there. The thought of having the opportunity to work in a clinic with such an amazing therapist as Nicky completely blew my mind!


On visiting the clinic and meeting Nicky and Alan face to face I thought I had come home. It was a perfect setting and felt like I had visited the clinic before, although of course I hadn't. All the staff were so welcoming and warming. 


On watching Nicky treat some of her patients, I knew I had to work here. She treated patients completely differently to anything I’d witnessed before and it was clear that her dry needling skills were at an unbelievably high level. 


Although I am bringing another skill to the clinic as a Women’s Health/ Pelvic Health physio, I do use acupuncture as a treatment modality on a daily basis and Nicky would be a phenomenal acupuncture and dry needling mentor! The training and education that she has shared worldwide is amazing and I wanted to have some of that, as part of her team, shared with me too. 


I am naturally very competitive, always striving to be my best, never accepting the status quo. I thus have a strong need to learn and learn from the best, as only the best will do. That’s why joining the team at Nicky Snazell Clinic was so important to me.


"I am so glad to be welcomed on board. Thanks for having me, I am honoured."


If you are suffering with any pelvic floor problems, then you are not alone, as a third of women suffer with this at some point in their life. Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Help is at hand.


If you are in pain, we can help

or call 01889 881488

Jean, Erica & Charlotte will be happy to help

Women are not talking about their Pelvic Health enough. Perhaps it’s because they are too shy or too embarrassed to talk about it. Not discussing these openly can lead to a sense of isolation for those suffering with the symptoms of bladder or bowel incontinence, prolapse, sexual dysfunction or any other pelvic health condition. 

Sadly, most people have no idea what Pelvic Health is and more importantly that real and effective help is available to women of all ages.


Read on to understand more about how a pelvic health specialist can help you.

If you have a sore knee, shoulder or back, you would probably have no hesitation to go to a therapist.  If you can get yourself to think about Pelvic Health as just another type of problem that can be helped, then seeking that help will come naturally and without hesitation. 


If you have a sore knee, shoulder or back, you would probably have no hesitation to go to a therapist.  If you can get yourself to think about Pelvic Health as just another type of problem that can be helped, then seeking that help will come naturally and without hesitation. 


Specialist pelvic health physiotherapy is probably not the first thought when people realise they need help because they start leaking with exercise (stress urinary incontinence), suffer vaginal prolapse or have an over active bladder. Yet there is robust evidence around pelvic health physiotherapy and it is recommended as the first line of treatment for a variety of pelvic health conditions. That’s why GP’s and Consultants refer to specialist pelvic health physiotherapists.


Even with such referrals, clients usually turn up and have no idea why they are here and how physio is going to help them. Thus, ever since qualifying in this specialism, I have been on a mission to educate and help make a difference to women’s lives. 


We need to start to chat about bladders, bowels and vaginas and do this openly, without embarrassment. My main mission is to empower you to take control of your pelvic health as much as possible without the need for drugs or surgical intervention.


If you are suffering with any of these conditions, we can help. You can be confident that your concerns will be dealt with both sympathetically and confidentially. 

If you are in pain, we can help

or call 01889 881488

Jean, Erica & Charlotte will be happy to help

We have had to make some changes to our half price Ambassador offer because it has caused a lot of confusion.


Read on to find out what the changes are and how you can still get 12 months of half price treatment.


A few weeks ago we launched an unbelievably good referral offer of half price treatment if you referred three clients to us within a six month period. To qualify as a referral, the person being referred needs to be somebody completely new to the clinic and has to attend an assessment and at least two follow up appointments.

The first two referrals would entitle the referrer to a £20 discount voucher and for a limited time we added an extra sweetener whereby the new client referred would also get a £20 discount, in effect, gifted from the referrer.

While we thought this was an irresistible offer, it has caused all kinds of negative confusion, including numerous existing clients who have turned up wanting the referral discount.

To avoid any further confusion, we have decided that with immediate effect, the offer of the new client also getting a £20 discount has been withdrawn.

BUT, that doesn’t mean we won’t continue with what can only be described as a fantastic offer to you, an existing client, who wants to refer new clients.

Our amazing ambassador offer will continue:

If you refer three completely new clients to us within six months, who genuinely need our help and attend for an assessment and at least two follow up appointments, this will automatically enrol you in our Ambassador Club, which will entitle you to half price treatment for 12 months (rules apply. See below)

To maintain membership of the Ambassador club for another year, we have made it even easier for you, as all you have to do is refer three more new qualifying clients within your first year as a member. To stay on this scheme just keep referring three more new clients each year.

What this means is that you have the option of paying half price for as long as you want. The value our clinic offers, our clients tell us, is already outstanding, not only because of our specialist knowledge, but also due to the broad range of latest technology, all at no extra cost. (most clinics charge extra for this technology)   At half price it makes what we offer almost unmatchable.  

Here is another big benefit to you. Many clients have told us that they really would have benefited from an hours appointment but their finances didn’t stretch that far. As an Ambassador, you could book an hour EVERY TIME and only pay the price of half an hour.

Half price, full price? 
It’s in your control how much you pay

Ambassador Membership Rules

For the first two qualifying referrals, we will give you a £20 discount voucher. When you have referred three new clients within six months, you will be enrolled as an Ambassador and from that date, you could gain more than 5 times more than the discount scheme offers! A maximum of 12 treatments at half price is allowed in any single year. Benefits are non transferable. All discounts are on the full price of each item, not on an already discounted price. To qualify as a referral, the person referred must not already be a listed client at our clinic.


Let’s give you an example:

  • First new qualifying referral 1st May 2024.  You get a £20 discount voucher
  • Second new qualifying referral 16th June 2024. You get a £20 discount voucher
  • Third new qualifying referral 30th September 2024.
  • Between 1st May and 30th September, you paid full price for any treatments, less the discounts, if you chose to use them.
  • You have now referred three new qualifying clients within six months and you are automatically enrolled as an Ambassador.
  • As of 30th September 2024 you will be an Ambassador for 12 months, until 30th September 2025 and eligible for half price treatment.
  • Fourth new qualifying referral 20th November 2024.   This will be your first referral while an Ambassador. You will have until 30th September 2025 to refer two more new and qualifying clients to extend your membership from 30th September 2025 to 30th September 2026.
  • While you are an Ambassador you are eligible for half price treatment which could give you more than 5 times the discount scheme. You will not get a £20 discount voucher for any referral while an Ambassador.


Instead, each qualifying referral will count towards you maintaining your half price eligibility for another 12 months.


If you don’t want to become an Ambassador and would prefer to refer on a slower basis, we will continue to give you a £20 discount for every qualifying referral.

If you are in pain, we can help

or call 01889 881488

Jean, Erica & Charlotte will be happy to help

Do you remember studying hard at school to get good A levels? Your dream was to get accepted onto a physiotherapy university degree course, as the idea of helping people to get out of pain and live a higher quality of life really appealed to you. Physiotherapy suited your personality because it was a proven hands-on technique that made a measurable difference. And that was what you really wanted to do, to make a difference and help people.

All that hard work and determination got you the A levels you needed and you were accepted onto the course of your dreams. You started your career in physiotherapy determined to help people.

Now a few years on, as you look back on your career, you can’t help feeling that something is missing. Your dreams are not being fulfilled and more to the point, many of the skills you studied so hard to learn are not being used.  You seem to be stuck on this treadmill of seeing patients, knowing you could help more, that you could make a bigger difference to their lives, but not able to as the guidelines are to avoid treatment wherever possible and send patients home with some exercises.

As you reflect on this, you wonder, if you continue this way, how you will look back on your life when you are retired. You realised there is a Grand Canyon-sized divide between your dreams at school and university, and what you were actually doing.

Now is the time to act, not tomorrow, as tomorrow never comes

At Nicky Snazell Clinic, we are 100% committed to providing the very best treatment we can, and it is exceedingly rare for that treatment not to involve hands-on, allowing our therapists to use the finely honed skills they were taught at university and refined in their years since. We of course incorporate exercises where appropriate and send online exercises with video links direct to the client. The clinic is also very well equipped with technology often only available in private practices and all this technology is available to all therapists to use free of charge.

Our therapists are able to devise meaningful treatment plans with their clients which will optimise the degree and rate of recovery from injury or pain and then go on to provide ongoing maintenance where needed to ensure that the improvements made are retained.

We have the luxury of both an excellent in-house MSK training resource, plus world specialist pain relief skills that attract clients from around the world, skills that are also readily taught in-house. Simply put, a combination of learning opportunities that’s hard to match.

Emma joined us as a MSK physiotherapist after 9 years of feeling restricted.

“I was so frustrated seeing patient after patient, never really helping them as much as I knew I could.  It was equivalent to be trained to use a complete toolbox, but only allowed to use one tool.

The best decision I’ve ever made was to join Nicky Snazell Clinic. The breadth of their knowledge and skills still blows me away every day.

When I reflect back, I realise how my enthusiasm for being a physio was wilting.  Now I’ve found my passion again and I can’t wait to learn something new and know there are no restrictions on me. I can now use every tool in the toolbox to get the best result possible.”

What Are You Going To Do Today?

There is no one right answer and we are all individuals. If the idea of actually treating MSK problems appeals to you, in an environment of total commitment to providing the best hands-on treatment possible, supported by an abundance of latest technology and ongoing learning from the best, then you should consider applying for an MSK physiotherapist role at Nicky Snazell Clinic.

You can be confident you will be applying for an opportunity at a well recognised facility. We have more Google reviews than most near us put together and we are rated 5.0, the highest possible. Our latest client satisfaction score was 93.5% and we have already taken action to address the improvement opportunities identified.

If this opportunity appeals to you, send in your CV and a covering letter to alanc@painreliefclinic.co.uk

Find out more about our clinic at www.painreliefclinic.co.uk





Physiotherapy Jobs Stafford - Apply NOW

Vacancy details

A rare opportunity for a physiotherapist to work at one of the UK’s leading private clinics, a fantastic working environment in a grade II listed building, with a friendly and motivated team and a high level of technical support. The role offers the job satisfaction of being able to use all the practical MSK skills with which you were trained, plus an exceptional ongoing professional growth opportunity to learn new skills from our in house world-class knowledge base.

The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a keen desire to work hands-on, be a strong team player and show an ability to think outside the box.  The clinic places equal importance on prevention as well as acute injury treatment. Our preventative, wellness program makes use of an in house developed and published health model.


FULL DETAILS HERE - Physiotherapist Jobs Stafford


Availability Of Treatment Has Never Been More Important

With the daily media bombardment about COVID, it is no wonder that fear is generally growing.  Fear of the social impact of another lockdown, fear of the uncertainty of our livelihoods and even fear of our very existence. Staffordshire has announced that it will go to Tier 2 at midnight on Friday and this will inevitably raise the fear factor higher.

Mental health has taken a back step with this pandemic and never before in my working life has there been so much anxiety, loneliness and grief hidden away in society.

Your pain, whether physical, mental or both, isn’t going to disappear and many of you are going to need a lot of help in the coming months. Increasingly, we are being asked to help guide people through these difficult times both mentally and spiritually, the latter problems only serving to multiply the actual physical pain.

We Are Staying Open

We know that stress lowers our immunity and raises our sensitivity to pain. Gold standard trials have also proven a relationship between lifestyle stressors and white cell count. What this means is that stress, if left untreated, will slow down your ability to heal, plus worsen your response to pain, inflammation and disease. Yet psychosocial pain is, I believe, wrongly still an afterthought in western medicine, even though more often than not, it holds the key to hidden trauma and deep emotional stress.

At this clinic, we have long recognised the importance of looking at the whole person, rather than just the location of pain. That’s why, even though I am highly qualified in western medical techniques, I have written 5 books on a more holistic approach. In my first book, The 4 Keys To Health, I introduced a simple traffic light scoring system which encompassed the psychosocial factors that affect our health and which can cause so much of our pain.

Our goal is thus to help people in all aspects of their health and never before in my lifetime has there been such an urgent need for this approach. Beyond treating your pain, we wish to get you to as close optimum health as possible to help protect your immune system.

That’s why at the clinic we love to build a relationship with our clients to prescribe a tailor-made treatment plan, working out the best way to help with the mind set and adding in massage, and technology such as laser, shockwave, deep oscillation, acupuncture and IMS dry needling.

Keeping Abreast Of Research

We are constantly monitoring recent research to find new techniques to help. As an example, a recent Harvard trial successfully used electroacupuncture to improve survivability in COVID infected mice. This is highly relevant research, as in some cases it has been shown that it is the human bodies over response to COVID infection which has caused excessive inflammation [cytokine storm], leading in some cases to death. The research findings are significant. Electroacupuncture treatment before the cytokine storm increased survivability by a factor of four, from 20% to 80%. When applied after the cytokine storm, survivability increased by three-fold, from 20% to 60%.  Both are huge benefits and it emphasises the benefit of preventative treatment.

As a result of our integrative approach to treatment, combining orthodox western medicine with alternative, we routinely carry out electroacupuncture here.

For those of you who need our help, we are open and will continue to be open unless forced to close by government ruling.

None of us know how long this pandemic is going to last, but the expectation is that it’s going to be a long time. If the availability of treatment is shut off there is going to be a drastic rise in pain and suffering. We have already seen this in the lockdown with patients begging us to see them. That’s why I believe it is so important that we stay open in the coming months.

Our patients are so grateful that we are here now to help them with their pain, pain they suffered for months without any help during lockdown. They have bombarded us with thanks. We will continue to stay open and help you unless and until the government dictates otherwise. Sadly, the chances are there will be few, if any, alternatives for you.

Control Your Stress Now And Improve Your Resistance To Disease

While the government is correct to react to rises in cases, we each need to keep in perspective what the tier trigger points represent, so that we can keep better control of our stress. Tier 2 is triggered at 100 per 100,000 population. Put another way, on average you would need to get close to 1000 people before you are likely to be near a COVID positive risk. How likely, if you are careful, are you to interface closely with 1000 people, especially in these troubled times? Maintain social distancing and always wear a mask to reduce your chances of infection further.

What does this tell us? Mix only with people you are reasonably sure act sensibly and act sensibly yourself.  Nothing is guaranteed in life, but by acting sensibly and taking all possible precautions, you can use your own positive response to improve your health.

What We are Doing About COVID-19 At Nicky Snazell Clinic

COVID-19 has had a dramatic affect on all our lives and not surprisingly at Nicky Snazell Clinic as well.   Our foremost concern is the safety of patients and staff and we strive to stay fully up to date with the almost daily changes and wherever possible keep ahead of the curve. More on that later.


Even if you are an existing patient, but definitely if you are a new patient, we will take you through a screening process to make sure it is safe and justified for you to come in for treatment. There will be quite a few questions, and we ask you to bear with us on this as it’s all in our best interests. For sure, the questions asked will constantly change in line with latest guidelines. Where the risk is deemed higher, then a more detailed assessment will be needed with a physiotherapist, before treatment can be authorised.

Please note that in cases where you may need to be accompanied, then that person also has to pass screening to be allowed on site.

Changes At The Clinic

All of our 13,000 plus patients will know that our aim has always been to create a welcoming, peaceful and relaxing environment from the moment you walk in the door. Well that of course, to an extent, went out the door when we adjusted rapidly to the pandemic. Our waiting room has been effectively closed and patients are now asked to wait in their cars until their allotted start time. At that point they should come in alone with a face mask on, use the readily available hand sanitiser and their therapist, wearing full PPE, will take them to the treatment room.

At the end of the appointment the therapist will, if necessary, book a follow-on appointment and we then ask that you go to reception, where we have installed protective screens, to pay in advance for the next appointment. To speed this process, we now only take payment by card and by touch whenever possible. Where a payment requires a pin, the terminal is sanitised after use.

We then ask that you leave the clinic immediately as we want to minimise time that patients are in the clinic. Please don’t think we are being rude if we don’t chat as we used to. We are minimising your time on site. We have also staggered the start times between therapists, to avoid multiple patients being on site outside of a treatment room at the same time.


All rooms are sanitised between treatments and thus treatment times will be slightly shorter. In addition, we use a spray which lasts up to 5 hours on surfaces and this is used on all common touch points every 3 hours. Thus, for example, when you open the door to come in, you can be sure that the handle and surrounding woodwork will have been sprayed and is as safe as is practical.

We understand of course that some patients will need to use the toilet and we request that if needed, you first advise us so that we can sanitise after each use. Note, however, that the toilet is also thoroughly sanitised every 3 hours with our 5 hour effective spray. Please try to avoid the need to use our facilities wherever possible.

Your Part

We require that you use a face mask which covers your mouth and nose at all times while inside the clinic. All of the available scientific information supports the need to wear masks inside a building. It is important for each of us to realise that wearing a mask helps protect those around us from us. By not wearing a mask properly, this would be putting our staff at additional risk and this is not acceptable.

Patients at times have found difficulty in wearing a mask, but we politely request that you must do so for the short time on site. Bear in mind that our staff are in full PPE all day to protect you.

Patients who do not comply with this request may be refused further treatment.

We also need your help in running to time. It is vital that you have vacated the treatment room on time, leaving sufficient time for the room to be sanitised. Any overrun will mean that patients will be held in the waiting room and this is not acceptable. 

Payment In Advance

We have changed our payment procedure, as we now ask for payment in full at time of booking and in 99.9% of cases this has been fully understood and accepted. On one or two occasions, however, patients have misunderstood our reasoning for this. We have made this change by necessity, as many patients leave the building immediately after their treatment and it would be totally unworkable for us to have to continuously call patients to take payment. We had to come up with a single system for all, so this change is not a reflection on any one patient.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Part of our role is to stay up to speed with the ongoing changes caused by our government updates, but in addition, we, and in fact all of us, can choose to operate more safely if we wish. An example would be that last night Scotland announced that most COVID-19 infections were caused by meeting people from outside our household within our homes and thus banned this. In England a more relaxed position has been taken. It is, however, up to us to decide which position is more in our best interest. If we at the clinic feel it worthwhile to use more strict guidelines to help protect all, then we reserve the right to do so.

Having lived in the USA twice, I personally check in on their news channels and in particular I look for information from Dr Anthony Fauci, who is the USA’s leading disease expert, having been advisor to the last six Presidents. He talks more openly and simply than we tend to get in the UK. He is also completely apolitical and is only interested in scientific proof.  There is also a wealth of real world, scientifically based information put out by Dr Sanjay Gupta.

Yesterday Dr Gupta interviewed Dr Fauci and for those who want a better insight and understanding of where we are right now, then I recommend you watch the interview on YouTube.

For those who don’t have time to watch this, here are some snippets:

  • Dr Fauci is optimistic that a vaccine may be ready for approval by November or December, based on the limited results available in the small-scale phase one and two trials. But, and this is a big but, the all important large scale phase 3 trials are double blind, placebo controlled trials and so even he has no idea what the current results are. In fact, nobody does, except one or two statisticians who see unblinded results. In simple terms, a double blind trial means that only the statisticians know who is getting the placebo and who is getting the vaccine being tested, not even the manufacturers, as the trial is conducted by an independent group. This is the gold standard for scientific testing and is not something that can be politically manipulated.
  • The best advice is that we must all wear face masks if social distancing can’t be maintained.
  • What we didn’t know a few months ago was that 40% to 45% of COVID positive people were asymptomatic, nor were we aware that a substantial proportion of the infections were coming from those who were without symptoms. That makes it overwhelmingly important to wear a mask.
  • There is a suggestion that some of the virus droplets in the air may be light enough to hang around and circulate, thus acting as an aerosol. The facts are we don’t know yet, but in many respects, it doesn’t matter. It just emphasises the advice given: wear a mask, keep your distance, avoid crowds, wash hands regularly, ventilate rooms.
  • Yes, the elderly are more at risk, but people with underlying conditions, at any age, are at risk.

The overwhelming issue is that we all need to get on with our lives while we minimise our risk during this pandemic. We believe we are taking every possible step to minimise that risk and that we have created a far safer environment than most.

Take care, be safe, think of others

'The Body’ Nicky’s second instalment of her fantastic ‘Human Garage’ Trilogy is days away from release!

The Body Book


‘The Body’ Nicky’s second instalment of her fantastic ‘Human Garage’ Trilogy is days away from release!


To celebrate we are offering an amazing 45% off any Magnetic Resonance Treatment. If you or someone you know needs help with Osteoarthritis, Bone Problems, Sports Injuries or Spinal Disc issues.


Call us on 01889 881488

“For a longer active life”
Offer ends 30th September
Terms and Conditions apply.


Excellence in Service Award

The Pain Relief Clinic is pleased to announce Consultant Physiotherapist, Nicky Snazell, has won a top award and national recognition for ‘Excellence in Patient Service’ at a Gala Dinner, held by The Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapists, (AACP). The prestigious awards dinner was held on Friday 13th May at the Hilton Hotel in Coventry as part of the AACP Annual Conference. The awards were held to recognise individuals who were honoured for their achievements and the contributions they have made.

Nicky Snazell, Clinical Director of The Pain Relief Clinics was honoured at The AACP Awards evening. Nicky was selected from more than 6000 physiotherapists in both NHS and private practice from across the UK to win the first ever ‘Excellence in Patient Service’ Award. Nicky was recognised for her incredible achievements and for making a significant contribution to the practice of acupuncture having successfully treated thousands of patients throughout her career spanning nearly thirty years.

The AACP celebrated Nicky’s patient-focused approach, holistic understanding and treatment of patients and excellence in practice. Nicky was said to be an inspirational leader in her field and having made a significant contribution to the practice of acupuncture in the UK. Collecting the award Nicky said, 

“Winning this award inspires me to continue my work driving holistic physiotherapy practice forward.  I believe it is every health practitioner’s duty to study and share with enthusiasm the secrets of good health. We should work in the wellness industry with preventative health advice and not just the illness industry”

Nicky’s drive to learn and discover better methods to treat pain was ignited by her frustration as a child watching her mother suffer years of terrible back pain. Despite Nicky’s mother seeing numerous professionals nothing ever really helped.

A qualified biologist, physiotherapist, spinal pain specialist and author; Nicky’s career has taken to her to China, Korea, Canada and many European countries, where she has been privileged to work alongside many pioneers in their field. Nicky is one of the few people in the world to have achieved the highest level of qualification and the first practitioner in the world to be awarded a fellowship from the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain.

It’s this work Nicky continues at her two clinics in Stafford and Harrogate.