Deep Tissue Massage

There are various types of massage and often the most avoided is Deep Tissue, simply because the name is a bit scary and it sounds painful. But be under no illusion, Deep Tissue Massage opens pandora’s box to feeling in less pain, more flexible and healthier than you have in your life.

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There are lots of different types of massage and each have their benefits and weaknesses.


If we start with Swedish Massage, this is the softest variety and is wonderful for just wanting to feel pampered and relaxed. Therapeutcally, however, its benefits are marginal at best and what it does provide is short lived.

Sports Massage

This is a step up from Swedish and tends to be provided by therapists who are trained in human anatomy, so understand which muscles are most likely linked to a given problem, and can treat that accordingly. It’s generally a stronger type of treatment than Swedish and if the therapist is focussing on a localised problem, can cause pain that varies from uncomfortable to strong. There are two things to note here. First, resolving painful knots is obviously going to aggravate things and cause more short term pain but, and this is the kicker, the pain level will subside quickly as the problem is resolved in follow on massages.

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage can be highly effective in treating more superficial problems, but sometimes the techniques simply won’t get in far enough for deep seated problems. In such cases, the big guns need to brought out, so that the treatment can get in deep enough to be effective. At the same time, however, there are also relatively shallow problems that sports type massage could easily reach, but the added pressure used in deep tissue massage is way more effective.

That effectiveness, however, does come with more pain - for the first few treatments that is. Yes, it’s a bit of ‘no pain, no gain’, but for those willing to accept this, the gains are substantially greater and once gained, most are reluctant to lose them again. Put simply, a body regularly treated with deep tissue massage, will feel at a level above it has ever felt before.

(Interesting fact- In Germany, Doctors often prescribe a course of Deep Tissue Massage in preference to drugs as their first line of defence. Now why would they do that unless it really works?)

Emotional pain likes to hide out deep in the body, deep in a pit, so much so, it’s like an archaeological dig to find it. Such pain is caused throughout our life whenever our body experiences emotional trauma, responding by going tense, our fight or flight response. This shuts down oxygen to some muscles and viscera and that’s usually a time of intense anger or fear.  Emotional notes, as well as physical pain are a physical manifestation of what our emotions are at that time, and unfortunately can become imprinted within our bodies and reside there, the cause long forgotten, locked in for years like unexploded land mines.

A deep tissue therapist can then unwittingly come along in search of deep tissue trigger points, the aim being to release physical pain and tension, only to be bombarded by a huge emotional release as the land mine explodes.

The good news is that this release is a vital step to a long term resolution of pain.

The deep trigger points can be treated with deep tissue massage, applying focussed pressure, encouraging the muscles and fascial tissue to relax, releasing toxins and improving oxygen flow. The latter is important as restricting the oxygen supply can upset the nerves and cause chronic super sensitivity within those nerves. The result of this is the birth of chronic painthat won’t ever go away.

When we release these trigger points, you must understand there is a lot of emotional baggage that can go with it. It thus helps if your therapist can also work with a healing ability and so heal the emotion as it erupts.

This why deep tissue massage is such a wonderful treatment, alongside deep seated physical release, you have a treatment for mental wellbeing.

In some situations, curing a deep seated, stubborn pain might need a finely focussed deep needling technique called GunnIMS, and in this we are blessed by having one of the very top practitioners in the UK at our clinic.


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