You Are The Author Of Your Life

Many patients I see have experienced chronic and sometimes severe pain in a specific part of their body. Pain that’s lasted years, decades even. Pain that won’t go away and no conventional treatment seems to work.

These patients are resigned to suffering their pain for life.  In many cases I find that their pain is the result of an emotional problem earlier in their life. It could be that they were abused as a child, or it could be it was a traumatic injury.

I witness the unravelling of these hidden traumas every day and it never fails to thrill me when it happens. Why?


Because then I KNOW healing can be possible.

When you find the place and time a trauma occurred, and really feel the mind –body link, then you are no longer a victim to the pain but a student as to what pain and illness teaches you.

For example, if you have been beaten as a child, you can guarantee those same areas come back to haunt you later in life, as disc prolapses, arthritis, frozen shoulders or neck ache and so on, that just won’t stop aching.

You Are The Author Of Your Life

As you replay these memories in your mind and you tell yourself a story about your body, you also have to be careful how you replay that story to yourself, because your memory is fluid. Yes, every time you recall something, you mould a new version of it. Memory isn’t like a DVD that plays the exact same story every time, no matter how many times you watch it.

Once your subconscious mind makes a link between past trauma and current pain, then physiotherapy treatment will be much more successful.

The words spoken by the therapist, whilst manipulating or needling you, can soothe the disturbing memories imbedded in an ancient trauma. Both of you may not be aware to start with that there are memories associated with your current physical pain. You may thus suddenly feel emotional and that is the memories associated with your pain in a certain joint or muscle, and they are being opened up and replayed.

neck pain

In the hands of a holistic, medically trained practitioner, you can unravel these hidden mind body connections that are stopping your healing process.

Equipped with additional qualifications in psychology, shamanic reiki healing and neurolinguistics programming, I am very aware of the power of the mind. I feel strongly that it is of vital importance to analyse and reanalyse any block to a patient getting the healing results they want. I believe applying both an intuitive and scientific medical approach will achieve a much deeper understanding of your pain.

Rewrite the story of your life, starting today.

You can make today a whole new chapter – you just have to decide that you want to end one chapter of your life and start another.

If you are suffering from long term, unresolved pain, it may well be that you have hidden mental traumas that are locking your pain into your body. In this situation your pain will not go away until that link is identified.  Nicky can help.

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