Working On The Business Is Better For You In the Long Run

Right now the country is in turbulent waters and we need to make sure we have a strong arm on our rudder, to make sure we reach calmer waters for the long run.


Most people realise that the country is going through some turbulent times and many businesses have had to downsize or in worst cases cease trading. The last four months of 2023 was a particularly testing period, but the good news is that the new year has started with much more confidence and we, along with many other businesses are seeing signs of better times.


Whilst the trend may be upwards and improving, the fact is that the UK is not yet out of hot water and it would be equivalent to a head in the sand approach to assume only rosy times ahead.


At Nicky Snazell Clinic we have built a very good team, the best we have ever had. We continue to invest heavily in both in their continuous training and in the up to date technology support available to them. Our confidence in the team has allowed us the opportunity to redistribute our efforts so that when the next downturn comes, we are in a much more robust position to deal with it.


To achieve this, it is vital that we place more effort on working on the business rather than in the business, otherwise we will be like a rudderless ship in stormy waters. This has required us to take the decision to reduce Nicky’s hours treating clients, so that she can work alongside Alan to bolster our marketing and management efforts. Our aim is to make significant changes for the better. Creating positive change, while maintaining existing practices, demands extraordinary effort and we approach this task with total confidence and commitment to success.


The change in Nicky’s treatment hours will be complete by the week starting 11th March, when she will be treating clients on Mondays and Wednesdays only. This will inevitably increase the waiting time to see Nicky, but the good news is that she has a great team, in which she, and David, have already and continue to spend many hours training every week. Should the waiting time be longer than you can cope with to see Nicky, now is the time to consider discussing with Nicky who would be the ideal backup. Remember, of course, that Nicky’s team have had the opportunity to work alongside Nicky and David. and have had intensive training from Nicky and David, an opportunity which will continue into the future. Other clinics simply don’t have this unique advantage. 


For those of you who are Wellness or Maintenance clients, these changes will make little difference, as you have the distinct advantage of booking well ahead. For those who are not on a preventative option, remember that prevention is always better than cure, so maybe now is the time to move up to a more proactive approach to your health.


We ask for your understanding in these turbulent times. The reality is that this change, while perhaps causing some short term pain, will in the long run prove to be a massive benefit to you in terms of access to treatment capability that you will find very difficult to get elsewhere.


Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best treatment possible in the most welcoming and friendly environment, so that you feel safe and confident from the first day you walk through our door.  Our team are more than capable of providing exactly that and this change will ensure that this will continue well into the future.


Warm wishes 


Nicky & Alan