Why are resistance bands ideal for physiotherapy and muscle toning?

This article discusses why resistance bands are ideal for physiotherapy and muscle toning and what you need to consider. In addition, we explain why bands are an excellent tool for assisting your healing and ongoing wellness.

Post and during physiotherapy, Pain Relief Clinic sometimes recommend resistance bands because they support the healing process by allowing gentle extension of limbs and joints under slight tension. We find this is particularly true of swimmers, Tennis and Rugby players. In addition, the movements do not need to be lateral, like those we get from hand weights, which is essential because many recovery exercises, such as the shoulder, sometimes ankles, and knees, can be more rotational, and bands can support this. 

Completing sports massage before using bands can also help. Sports massage manipulates the area, improves blood flow, promotes movement, and loosens the joints, so using it in conjunction with resistance bands can shorten recovery and aids healing.  

muscle toning with resistance bands

Here are five reasons to use a resistance band for physiotherapy

One - They are light, so post-manipulation or during recovery, handling the weight of a band is easier than a hand weight. The range of exercises is surprisingly high; here are some examples from Mirafit. However, make sure you ask your physiotherapist for specific activities aligned with your condition and refer to the example exercises once you are back to strength.


Two - Resistance bands are low cost, so they are ideal for clients who may only need them for a short time. The cost of bands vs other equipment makes them an excellent solution for any budget. In addition, they are cost-effective for suppliers to send and deliver.


Three - You can put them in your bag or pocket, and being able to transport the bands so easily means if you need to do stretches at work or while away on holiday or business, you can. Bands roll up into almost nothing. So they are an ideal conditional exercise tool. 


Four - There are various resistance levels as you recover, so choosing a pack with multiple resistances means selecting the band's intensity with whatever your physiotherapist recommends or you are comfortable using. 


Five - Controlled movement, when recovering from injury, the best types of activity are controlled and not jerky. You can ease into the movement and repeat to build muscle tone and strength with bands. It is better to go lighter and then gently increase to heavier bands. Doing this limits the chance of pushing yourself too quickly and hindering recovery. 


What to look for in resistance bands

Choosing a resistance band can be a challenge. However, if you want to use brands for exercise beyond recovery, then packs can be helpful, as you receive a range of strengths for building strength and muscle tone.

Resistance bands are available in various strengths, so it is worth discussing the requirements with your physiotherapist. Some companies like Mirafit sell packages to help you.


Consider all options, but it is worth reviewing these Mirafit bands to help you with your exercises.

women workng on muscle

Why is muscle tone important? 

It is essential because muscle tone supports the joints and skeletal structures, reducing wear and tear on joints. Muscle tone from exercise is even more critical as we age for general health. Cardiovascular and mental health are said to be improved by exercise. Bands can help enhance suppleness, resulting in greater mobility and joint health. For wellnessPain Relief Clinic provides a health maintenance plan for regular checkups. We also cover sports injuries, so if you have questions about sports injuries, please use the page to find out more.    


Resistance bands are a superbly versatile exercise solution ideal for recovery, tone and building muscle in a controlled fashion. Remember, this should be under supervision, with instruction from a trained professional, such as your physiotherapist. 

If you are in pain or are looking for answers on improving your tone and general health, contact Erica and the team to make an appointment with us in our beautiful Stafford clinic, where we will welcome you to discuss your needs and work to resolve any pain you might have.  


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