Where can I get a massage near me

If you have reached this page, then you have most likely Googled "where can I get a massage near me", this is a common question that is typed into Google every day.

If Google has done its job and we hope that it has, then you are most likely located within a radius of about 60-mins to Stafford, and we are worth the travel!


We have a beautiful clinic, with parking.

Sports Massage

What areas do you cover for massage therapies?

Here at Nicky Snazell Pain Relief Clinic, we provide massage services to our clients who very often are prepared to travel to see us. We have had clients from the USA and from the United Arab Emirates travel over to see Nicky and the team for treatment.

The main bulk of our fantastic centre is for Stafford massage customers come from areas such as Stafford, Litchfield, Cannock, Rugeley and Uttoxeter for our massages and other pain relief treatments.

Is massage right for me?

There are a variety of massage types that are all designed to help, 95% of our customers who are looking for massage really do need it and value our support and massage service. We recommend checking out our testimonials and seeing what others think. But also by visiting the team you will find out what variety is best suited to your requirement.


Who has massage?

Anyone that understands the benefit but here are five patient types that are suited to our popular treatments:

  1. Business owners and managers - Those with high-stress roles often benefit from shoulder and neck treatments.
  2. Sportsmen and sportswomen - We often provide slightly more vigorous sports massage for this group. This helps condition the muscles and can aid muscle recovery. Cyclists, horse riders, football players, tennis players and rugby enthusiasts are just some of the sports we help.
  3. The elderly - Massage can help promote movement and circulation benefits, so we find that our older patients appreciate our services - Especially important if you are less mobile or sit for more extended periods.
  4. Nurses & Doctors - Long hours, stress, and shift work means that Doctors and Nurses will choose to come and see us privately to help them cope with the job's physical demands.
  5. Manual Labourers - Builders, factory workers, bar staff anyone that is repeating tasks will understand the physical hammering this can give to their bodies, joints and soft tissues.


Does massage work? 

Yes, it does, and our reviews support this, but long before Pain Relief Clinic, people have practised this type of therapy for thousands of years. 

If you are still not convinced then consider Physiotherapy, but either way,


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