Ukraine War Comes Close To Home

As we watch the war in Ukraine, with its ongoing devastation and atrocities, it’s inevitable that we will become numbed to the never ending bad news being delivered to us every day. Luckily for us, the war can be turned off with the touch of a button.

But for Ukrainians it’s real and it’s there 24/7.

AlinaThe implications of that reality came close to home, when I met one of the team who helps look after our grounds. Alina was a Professor of Mathematics in her home town of Zaporizhzhya when Russia invaded. Her family of husband and two daughters had to make what must have been a terrifying decision of splitting the family, so that Alina could escape and get their daughters to safety, while her husband stayed behind to help the fight.

You Can Also Help

Whilst we are facing some tough times in the UK, it’s nothing in comparison to what the average Ukrainian is facing every day with bombs and missiles falling and devastation left behind. That’s why we decided to help Ukraine with monthly donations from the clinic. In addition, we decided to have a special offer on all of Nicky’s books and the bespoke sterling silver jewellery, with 100% of the revenue going to help the people and animals suffering in Ukraine.

These Items Are Being Sold Below Cost

Both Nicky’s books and the bespoke silver jewellery would make an excellent gift for Christmas, or why not just treat yourself?

We guarantee 100% of the money paid for the books or jewellery

 will go to support Ukraine.