Shockingly Good News

Radial shockwave provides a non-invasive gentle treatment, designed to alleviate pain and speed up recovery from injury. Despite what the name might suggest, it does not involve any kind of electrical shock treatment. Instead, it sends low energy pressure waves into damaged tissues to stimulate the body’s natural repair process, speeding up recovery and reducing inflammation.

A common concern is that treatment will be painful and the answer is reassuringly no. In fact, most clients describe the sensation as being similar to a gentle tapping on the skin. 

This non-invasive treatment is very effective in treating problems such as:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Calcified tendonitis
  • Chronic tendon problems (tendinopathies)
    - Achilles
    - Knee
    - Elbow
    - Shoulder
  • Muscle tightness
    - Legs
    - Buttocks
    - Spine
    - Arms


We have made shockwave a standard part of the treatment we offer and have kept to our ethos of providing the best value treatment we could by providing shockwave at no extra charge.  This is something we still do today and our clients love the fact that is an integral part of our hands on treatment capability. 

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Committed to provide the best treatment value to you

Our clients love shockwave and we also found that they liked a device called a V-ACTOR, which is a very powerful vibrational therapy tool, the power coming from the shockwave internals. Understandably our V-ACTOR has been sought after but only having one on site has restricted access at times.

Our major focus, however, has been on the shockwave treatment and over the years as demand grew we added more shockwave machines, eventually having four. 

Top Quality Treatment. Available to you at no extra cost


But our ethos remains the same – we want to provide the best treatment we can and that means the best hands on treatment, and for us that has to include both shockwave and vibrational therapy. Thus, we have taken the decision to add two more high quality shockwaves and both include the much loved V-ACTOR vibrational therapy.  They are already on site and are available to you at no extra cost should you need it.

Having six shockwaves on site is perhaps a sign of our commitment to provide the best treatment value to you.

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