Shamanic Healing And Reiki

In ancient times they didn’t have the medical knowledge of the body or the medicine and technology that we take for granted now. But they still had to deal with the sickness, trauma, pain, stress and all the other symptoms of life that we experience today. 

This forced the ancient doctors to use their observational skills and take account of all aspects of the patient’s health; their food, lifestyle, fitness and mental state, when analysing the source of the condition and thus how best to treat it.

Thus, ancient doctors, called Shamans, were our social workers, psychiatrists, surgeons and nurses rolled into one. They used colourful language to describe conditions, for example, mental stress was described in terms of soul energy and demons. They believed patients who had been through a life altering trauma, whether mental and / or physical trauma, may have lost a part of their soul, or damaged their ‘spiritual force field’. In short, they looked at the whole body and its environment.

In todays world, these colourful descriptions might seem superfluous, as we have the benefit of so much more detailed knowledge. The focus of modern medicine, however, is to look at the smallest part, which can then be treated or cut out and replaced. In so doing, we have lost the observational skills of the whole, considering this to be largely irrelevant. Certainly, it is not part of modern medical training and without the benefit of training and understanding, it is often marginalised as ‘quackery’.

This, I believe, is a weakness of modern medicine and certainly there is a growing belief that other factors, not normally considered in modern diagnosis, are of sufficient significance to warrant consideration. Those practitioners who integrate Shamanic principles into their diagnosis are categorised as Holistic. I personally prefer the term Wholistic, as ‘whole’ signifies looking at the whole body and seems more appropriate.

In today’s world, Holistic [integrative] medicine heals the mind as well as the body. Orthodox practitioners, who are also healers, believe our soul essence has a powerful effect on wellbeing and the ability to survive disease. They can walk both paths, one of modern orthodox medicine, one of ancient wisdom, drawing knowledge and techniques from both.

Lifestyle stressors can cause depression and anxiety and will make you vulnerable to illness and bad luck. This is why when stress is part of the problem, you benefit from seeing a medic or therapist who also has an interest in shamanic healing and looking at the ‘whole’.

4 Keys To Health

Understandably, normal folks are likely to be put off by terms such as Shamanic healing and soul energy, as it’s simply not part of our modern thinking or terminology. That’s why I decided to bring these ancient skills into the 21st century and describe them in a way which most would comprehend and thus be more likely to believe.

My first book, The 4 Keys To Health, describes the need to look at the whole person, their mindset, food, fitness and lifestyle. This would include looking at their environment, their family structure and support, their work. To make planning easier, I created a simple red, amber and green traffic light system. Clearly, a person recovering from illness or trauma and with 4 red keys, should be more likely to realise that recovery would be slower than if having 4 green keys.

The principles of my book, however, were no more than a modern-day representation of Shamanic healing, a subject I have studied for most of my life.

When a person has become anxious, a serious and increasing problem in today’s world with a pandemic out of control, I have found that without listening empathetically, without allowing a person to be heard and understood and without applying Shamanic healing, then relief from this stress simply won’t be possible. Listening, combined with the physical touch in a healing, caring way is a truly powerful stimulus to the immune system.

I have just written a blog on such a case, which you can find here.

Japanese Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique of hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Hands on healing is understandably a difficult concept to understand or even believe. A Reiki practitioner, to be effective, is most likely gifted with an innate healing touch. When being treated by such a practitioner, the patient will sense a calming presence and soothing touch. That connection builds a trusting relationship and a feeling of being looked after and anxiety melts away.

Reiki can be combined with ancient shamanic healing.

If you, or somebody you know, is suffering with anxiety or possibly pain that just won’t heal or is slow to heal, then we can help. Ask for an appointment with Nicky or Dean.

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