Rust In Peace

It’s best to explain this with the help of an analogy. When you buy a brand-new car, it comes with a warranty. There’s a reason for this. The manufacturer is basically guaranteeing that provided you look after your car as specified, you are going to be very unlucky if anything goes wrong under the warranty period. Once past this honeymoon period, you know that you must carry out regular preventative maintenance at set intervals, in order to continue with many more miles of trouble-free motoring.

yellow car

Eventually you will get to that time when things start to wear out and go wrong. Some parts will corrode, weaken and eventually fail.  How fast your car gets to the junk yard depends very much on how well you looked after it and the difference can be many years.

pink car


Just as with a car, how many problems you will have and how long your body will last depends very much on how well it is maintained and that’s where we can help you.  The thing is, with a car, when you send it to rust in peace, you can just buy another one. You can’t do that with your body.

Wellness – A Better Way

Nicky has devoted her life to finding better knowledge on how to help people get better results from their treatment and to live a longer, healthier life. In her books she developed the concept of a Human Garage and also the importance of overall health, or Wellness, which she defined in her 4 Keys model.

She has built a powerful team of highly experienced therapists and together they offer you the expertise of looking not only at the problems caused by a recent injury or of a longer-term chronic condition, but also look at your health keys to get even better long-term results.

Wellness encompasses all of you, your fuel (diet & nutrition), your servicing (exercise & fitness), how hard you press your right foot (stress) and your environment (lifestyle). The intent of Wellness is to achieve better long-term health for you.

If you feel you have Wellness factors that are negatively impacting your ability to heal, or you want to find out more about living a longer healthier life, then we can help.

If you are feeling excess rust and are in need of a bit of WD40 or maybe your suspension has collapsed, we can help.


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