Return To Normal – Well Almost

Following the recent government announcement of the relaxation of many COVID restrictions, we have returned the clinic waiting room to its former soft, relaxing ambience, with sofas surrounding the fire. We have also opened access to the coffee machine, with which you can make latte, cappuccino, white or black coffee, straight from freshly ground beans. Tea and water are also available. (Biscuits are on the way as well!)


Governing Body Guidelines Prevail

Despite what the government says, however, we still have to work to strict governing body guidelines, which means our therapists will continue to wear face masks. Although we can no longer require you to wear a mask while in the clinic, we do ask you to do so to help protect the staff, and ultimately yourself.

In addition, we still need to control numbers of clients in the waiting room and thus request that you remain in your car until your allotted treatment start time. New clients will need to come in a few minutes before ( 5 minutes maximum) to complete new client paperwork.

We will also continue to sanitise rooms between appointments, which will mean a slight shortening of appointment time.

Improved Starting On Time Service

One change we did make because of the pandemic was to introduce gaps for all therapists regularly throughout the day. This was primarily to provide some relief for the therapists from working in the antisocial restrictions of full PPE. The good news for you is that we are going to continue to schedule our days with regular breaks because it has dramatically improved our ability to start your treatment on time.