Rapid, Cost Effective MRI Scanning

For those of you who have had a serious pain problem and needed an MRI to help diagnose the problem, you will know that getting an MRI through the NHS can be somewhere between difficult and impossible. Even when approved, it can then take weeks to get the scan and then weeks to get the results.

For some, this situation is just not acceptable and then the only option is to go private


We have been able to provide a private MRI for many years through Alliance Medical at Cannock, who provide excellent service and normally complete the scan and report within 1 week.

Both their scanning technology and quality of reporting is excellent. It’s also very cost effective with single scans starting at just £249.


If you feel you need an MRI scan to help diagnose your problem, please call us. We can help.


Call 01889 881488 NOW. Erica & Jean will be happy to help.