Physiotherapy Is Strategically Placed To Help With Long-COVID Pain Relief

Increasingly, COVID sufferers are experiencing long term pain and debilitation and these consequences are being termed as ‘Long-COVID’

Physiotherapy has been identified as having critical importance in helping treat the upcoming surge of ‘Long- COVID’ pain sufferers. Relief from that pain needs a combination of talking and listening (psychotherapy) to calm the system down, along with hands on treatment and movement and this is exactly what physiotherapy can provide, especially when treated by a physiotherapist skilled in holistic health.

We know that COVID causes an inflammatory storm and an associated wave of pain, which can last months or even years. We also know that stress lowers our immune system, so now more than ever, we see that physiotherapists are essential to the strategy of treatment.

Our ancient Doctors, called Shamans at the time, always knew that the link between mind and body was key to healing. Lo and behold, new research now backs that up. The backstory and meaning to the patients pain is essential to understanding the suffering. Without listening to and understanding the backstory and meaning, the minds’ healing process cannot start.

As an example of the importance of understanding the meaning the injury has to the patient. Take two situations of a broken ankle. To most people a broken ankle is an inconvenience, to a professional ice skater it would be a significant, possibly career ending injury. If the therapist only looks at the physical problem without sharing the emotion, then research shows the patient cannot heal as quickly.


If you feel you are suffering Long-COVID pain, then we can help.

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