The 4 Keys

In Ancient cultures shamans and doctors were only paid if they kept their clients free from illness and fit and well. They taught their clients how to prevent illness as best as they could with knowledge about their mindset, eating and drinking from fresh nutrient rich sources, advising on their activity level and safety of their dwelling from predators, the wind direction, and dampness of their dwelling.

They did not get paid when their client was ill, they had failed at that time to keep them well.

Compare it to now. Now, in the health service it’s about firefighting, hosing down the wreckage.Back through history, Shamans the early doctors looked at 4 key areas to health to keep patients healthy.Mind, Fitness, Diet and Lifestyle.

How people think is so important,we know the mind creates and destroys health, and shamans prescribed mantras and prayers.

Healthy nutrient rich crops and clean water, as Ancient man knew it was natures’ medicine, and supplemented with different foods and herbs.

Where they physically working too hard or not enough? Ancient doctors/shamans understood the needs of the moving the body correctly.

Was the home/ shelter protected from the stresses of flooding, winds, predators, enough living quarter space? As they gave lifestyle advice to protect health.

Hence where my idea came from for my first book the 4 keys.If you hold 4 green keys your chances of getting through an illness is much greater than 4 amber or 4 red. The questionnaires in my first book give you your scores on the door!

Suffering is the result of the totality of your life, your support system. Not your diagnosis, arthritic joints, scan results etc. Your body is talking to you SO LISTEN. Lack of knowledge of how to heal yourself leads to unnecessary, avoidable pain and then into chronic avoidable suffering. Visualising holding 4 green keys empowers to you be able to do something to help yourself or someone else. Knowing that even placing flowers in a room changes that persons’ wellness. This stops you ever feeling totally helpless again when faced with your one or a loved ones prognosis. I know what that feels like. I only wish someone had written this book for me as a child.