Nicky Snazell Clinic Expands Capability To Include The Chase Run Lab

Nicky Snazell Clinic, which has been providing biomechanical analysis for a few years, has stepped up to a higher level and introduced a new arm to it’s already formidable capability.

We introduce the Chase Run Lab.


Providing you with access to highly qualified therapists who really understand gait and biomechanics.  Supported by Footscan technology, we can provide you with a detailed understanding of your current problems and how to improve. If you want to reduce pain and the risk of injury, we can help.


Most running injuries are caused by chronic overload, which will eventually lead to recurring pain and an increased risk of injury which ends up with you having to restrict or even stop your running.

We provide expert knowledge from therapists who have worked extensively with all types of runners, from casual to elite. This requires a detailed understanding of how to diagnose your current running technique including

  • 2D Gait Analysis
  • Stride patterns
  • Running form
  • Impulse pressure
  • Ground contact time
  • Posture
  • Strength assessment
  • Pelvis biomechanics

We have upgraded our treadmill and added Footscan technology and moved to providing Phits orthotics, the worlds first 3D printed orthotics. 

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Who would benefit from our help?

We can provide expert Gait Analysis and help those 

  • wanting to prepare properly for an upcoming marathon
  • who suffer recurring injury problems
  • want to improve their running technique and efficiency
  • wanting to prepare for a specific goal. 


You don’t have to be a runner to obtain big benefits. It applies equally to many sports, including those that don’t even involve running:


  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Racquet sports
  • Golf
  • Walking


Once we have you properly assessed we will provide you with a personal report along with our advice on the best course of action, whatever your needs.


Our advice might be a need for physiotherapy to correct any underlying causal factors, such as incorrect pelvis function, or muscle tightness caused by neurological issues. It may also suggest you would benefit from bespoke orthotics and we are proud to offer state of the art Footscan technology which links directly to Phits, the worlds first 3D printed manufacturer.


As a special, introductory offer, we will supply you with your own Phits 3D printed orthotics for just £250. That’s a £50 saving!


Our Footscan software can show you the benefits of the orthotics on the screen, so that you will have a clear understanding of exactly how they will help you.


Phits are the preferred orthotics for many elite athletes and have been worn by every female winner of the London Marathon for the last 10 years. So you know you will be getting the best.


If you are wanting to prepare for a specific goal, then we can help:


  • whether it be joining the local park run or climbing Kilamanjaro
  • or you keep getting held back by the same recurring injury
  • or want to be coached in readiness for an upcoming marathon
  • or if you are an experienced runner wanting to improve your efficiency

Or call 01889 881488 we can help