How To Maximise Your Treatment Benefits

At Nicky Snazell’s Clinic, we strive to give you the best treatment experience possible, which means every part of your journey with us, from initial contact right through to saying goodbye, is as effective and as enjoyable as possible.

To achieve this, we have to make sure we have booked you in on the right pathway. This will depend on your immediate problem, your goals and your treatment history with us.

Read on to learn how to maximise the benefits of your treatment plan

If you have never been to our clinic before, we will aim to put you with the most appropriate therapist for your condition, allowing for factors such as your physical problem, your therapist preferences and also if you are wanting to claim on private medical insurance.


Once your therapist is sorted, we will book an assessment and possibly treatment, dependent on your wishes. Even if you have been assessed elsewhere, or if you think you know what your problem is, we will always assess you ourselves first, for both professional and ethical reasons.

After your initial assessment, you will probably need one or more treatments, with goals set and agreed, and interim reviews to check progress.

Get The Quality Of Treatment You Deserve

If you are returning with what appears to be a recurring problem, we will process this as a continuation of earlier treatment, provided your last visit was no more than 6 weeks previous. We feel that beyond this timeframe, an assessment is needed to make sure that your problem is not something new. Such an assessment might be quite short, but will be needed to make sure we are giving you the quality of service you deserve.

Maintenance and Wellness

It will be apparent that due to factors such as your age, type of problem, or a particular injury severity, then it might be advised that ongoing maintenance or wellness would be a better quality of life option for you, rather than to wait until the problem reoccurs.

With your agreement, we will transfer you to a maintenance or wellness level, with the frequency of treatments adjusted to best suit you.  A time limit of up to 3 months is allowed. So just four treatments a year could give you a much better quality of life and most importantly, the confidence to get on and enjoy life, knowing that we have got your back should anything go wrong.

A lot of our patients are recognising that it makes a lot more sense to maintain their health, rather than wait to break again.  For those already on this pathway, they are gaining a more pain free life, allowing them to do things they couldn’t have done before.

Save and Gain

Not only that, they are actually saving on treatment costs, as the amount of treatment they needed to get fixed after they broke, exceeded looking after themselves.

Get The Appointment Times That Suit You

Another obvious advantage of booking in advance is that patients are getting appointment times that best suit them and that they can plan for in advance, rather that calling at the last minute to see what is available.

If you have a long term, or chronic problem, it may well be that the cause of the problem cannot be cured, and the best option for you is to attend regular sessions to keep the symptoms under control. It’s a personal choice whether you opt for maintenance or wellness.

Maintenance is best for you if you have a chronic physical problem and you want this to be kept under control, but without having to get involved with your overall health condition.

Alternatively, you may want to go one stage further and not only keep your physical chronic problem under control, but also do all you can to improve your overall health. With our wellness program we will look at factors such as your lifestyle, diet & nutrition, weight, exercise and fitness and mindset.

Don’t Things Always Go Wrong At The Wrong Time?

We constantly get patients who have broken at the wrong time, maybe just before an important family event, or a much looked forward to holiday. Sadly, every year, some leave it too late and miss out.

Many of these problems would have been avoided if their mindset had been to maintain their body, rather than wait till it broke.

Ask yourself this. Would you plan an important holiday in a car that you hadn’t had serviced? Probably not. If you did and the car broke, you could only blame yourself. Not only that, you know for sure that getting it fixed will cost a lot more than if you had been smart and got it serviced beforehand.

Why the difference with your body?


If you have a pain problem or injury problem anywhere in your body, or just want a better quality of life, then call us now. We can help.

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