How Do You Fancy Half Price Treatment?

At some point in the not too distant future, some of the clients sitting in the waiting room with you might be paying half as much as you are for their treatment and every other treatment they have.


And it won’t have cost them a penny!


Their Secret

They will be some of our clinics referral Ambassadors. There are no secret handshakes to become an Ambassador. In fact, entry is very simple. To become an Ambassador all you have to do is refer 3 new clients within 6 months.  That’s it!


What does that mean for you? If you came for treatment every month for a year, the saving to you would be a colossal 5 times more than not being an Ambassador!


If you are interested in learning more on how to get these massive savings, then read on.


Membership will last until the end of the same month the following year. For example, if you were to become an Ambassador in June 2024, your Ambassador membership would last until the end of June 2025. To extend your membership for another year, it gets even easier, because all you have to do is refer 3 more clients in the current year.


If you like the idea of levelling up the playing field, we can help you as we have great referral cards that not only entitle you to a £20 discount on your treatment, but also allows you to gift £20 to the person who you are referring. 

This means you will get £60 in discount vouchers for your first 3 referrals and this will also automatically enrol you in the Ambassadors Club. Once a member, you will get half price treatment for the next 12 months.  And that’s a much bigger saving than you think it is!

Right now , we will give you a whopping £20 discount voucher for every referral you make. If you make 3 referrals that means you will get £60 in discount vouchers.

But if you refer 3 in 6 months and automatically become an Ambassador, and then come for treatment every month for the next year, you could save on average nearly £300, that’s 5 times the saving over not being an Ambassador.


Once you become an Ambassador and you get the benefit of half price treatment for the next year, you are not going to want to give up such a fantastic offer, and we have made keeping your Ambassador membership even easier. Instead of needing 3 referrals in 6 months to join, we are going to allow you 12 months to refer just 3 more to continue your membership for another year.


Let’s explain again to make this clear:

  1. Refer 3 new clients in a 6 month period to become an Ambassador.
  2. As an Ambassador, you will be entitled to half price treatment for the next year
  3. Refer 3 more in your first year of being an Ambassador and you will remain an Ambassador for a second year.
  4. Keep on referring 3 new clients every year of membership to extend your membership by another year.


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TERMS - Once you become an Ambassador, you will retain the gift offer to the person you are referring, but you personally will get the 50% Ambassador discount instead of the £20 referral discount. Referred clients need to attend their assessment plus two follow ups to qualify. Maximum treatments per year for Ambassador half price offer is 24. Terms and conditions apply. Management reserves the right to cancel or modify the offers without notice.