How Clinical Running Gait Analysis Helps Runners

You may have heard of gait analysis, you may even have visited your local running shop and had someone check your running out before buying the latest running shoe, but not all running gait analysis is equal and here’s why!

What if I told you that gait analysis is about more than just pronation and supination of the foot! 

It's quite a bit more in fact.

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Footwear can play a big role in how your body reacts to the forces of running, but researchers have shown that some of the biggest injury risk factors are linked to your running form.

Footscan plantar pressure data

Understanding your gait for analysis

Improving your running form takes a rigorous process looking at the movements of the entire body. Our biomechanics team use `video gait analysis combined with industry leading Footscan plantar pressure data to distinguish between normal and pathological gait. This technology has been utilised in more than 3,000 scientific studies, trusted by state-of-the-art movement labs and elite sports teams worldwide.

It can also help us to make informed decisions on how best to manage your injury, be it through bespoke rehabilitation plans, running technique and coaching advice or custom orthoses

Using Footscan we can design bespoke orthoses to aid with injury rehabilitation and performance, the same ones used by countless elite marathoners and footballers, should there be a need for them.

Aside from injury management, we also use our gait lab to help assess running technique with a view to improving running economy and performance. We can even predict overuse injury risk which is a leading cause of injuries in runners and military personnel.


From the moment you contact the ground to the moment you push off, your stride pattern speaks volumes about your injury risk and running economy, as such by analysing movement patterns and detailed data about your gait biomechanics we can really start to understand a lot more about how you could potentially move more efficiently and improve your running economy.

So, whether you are training for a marathon, or embarking on your couch to 5k this spring, we can help you solve those niggling injuries, or even unpick the lock to your next personal best!

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