Free Pain Escape Plan

When you are in pain, it dominates your thoughts. All you want to do is get out pain and fast.

The problem is that pain is a complex issue and there are usually no simple solutions

There are many factors which could affect the level of pain you feel and some of these factors may at first surprise you as they are not part of our normal conversation. Our modern day approach to dealing with pain usually starts and ends with drugs.

Most of us know, however, that there are serious consequences to long term use of drugs, and these consequences get more serious as more powerful drugs are prescribed.  In fact, prescribed opioids are addictive and are responsible for creating a lot of addicts.

Further, opioids are now recognised as being ineffective in treating chronic pain.

No doubt, many questions are probably now in your mind:

  • What is pain?
  • What’s the difference between acute and chronic pain?
  • Why am I in pain?
  • Who should I see?
  • Who can I trust?
  • What can I do myself?


If you were armed with answers to these questions, you would probably feel a lot more confident and certainly much better armed to make better decisions to deal with your pain.


We have thus created a brand new ‘Pain Escape Plan’ that aims to answer these questions and put you on a pathway to better long term health and reduced risk to future pain.

Your free plan is here.

p.s. If you have friends or family who are in pain, then please forward this blog to them. You might save them from weeks, months or even years of unnecessary pain.