Fitness & Exercise Pillar

I believe fitness and wellness go hand-in-hand.  When our bodies are fit it anchors a sound mind.  The pleasure from moving effortlessly envelopes the mind in bliss.  This leaves our mind free to concentrate on the pleasures of life.

So how can you achieve a fit body with a busy lifestyle?  You need to understand how much movement your body craves and when to rest if fatigue hits.

5 Top Tips to Everyday Fitness


  1.  If you drive a car for more than half an hour, park away from your destination and walk briskly, swinging your arms.  This will ease the pressure on your spinal discs, loosen stiffened joints and improve blood flow.
  2. If you work at a desk, swap your chair for a fit ball.  The small movements keep your mind focused and your spine healthy.
  3. At least ten times a day take three deep breathes.  This improves blood flow and sends signals to the brain to reduce the stress chemistry.
  4. By adding in a pilates move of gently pulling in the stomach button to the spine or slow outbreathes, you boost your core postural muscles.
  5. Follow a weekly plan of activity, like mine listed below.  If you wish to achieve a steady progression of fitness , or get fit for a holiday or sports activity, as the guidance of a fitness instructor, ask ….. at the clinic.

Example of My Summer 7 Day Programme – suitable for those working full-time


Sat/Sun                          Power walk or cycle outside for at least half an hour to two hours if not exercising at a gym.

Monday/Wed/Fri           Resistive exercises in gym with weights for 45 mins.  Fast swim for 30 mins.

Tues/Thur                      Fit ball, stretches and core work-out for 30 mins at home.