Finding Sports massage near me

sports massage

Why should you choose a sports massage near you?

Finding a good sports massage near you can be challenging; sometimes, it can be worth travelling just that little bit further. But how far should you travel? Well, that depends on you, what you consider a fair distance for the type of relief and benefit that you will get from a sports massage.

Some of our clients will travel from London and others around an hour, while many are happier to travel 30-40mins. Even 30-40mins will give a large catchment for Nicky Snazell's Pain Relief Clinic, which is based on Stafford, but we service areas like Litchfield, Cannock, Rugeley and Uttoxeter. 


If, however, you believe that you might have a sports injury, then please visit our sports injury page and contact us.


What are the main benefits of a sports massage?

The benefits include improved recovery time and improved blood flow to joints and extremities. This means that you will recover more quickly than without.

How painful is a sports massage?

A sports massage can be slightly more painful than a regular massage, but it is important to note the strength of the massage is driven by the individual and the individual needs of the client. It can be driven by the type of activity, and your pain threshold.


How long does a sports massage last?

A sports massage can last up to an hour with us, but you can still see the benefits of a shorter session.

What happens after a sports massage?

We encourage you to keep moving but not to overdo it. Try and relax and let your body heal for a couple of days if you can. However, advice will vary for each patient, situation, age and health.

How long are you sore after a sports massage?

It will depend if you were exercising, the level of exercise you were performing, your age and your health. In most cases, recovery can range from 2-4 days, and this is normal. If you ran a marathon or raced, perhaps had a tough match, it could, of course, be longer.

Why does it hurt after a sports massage?

It can hurt after a sports massage as this is a more aggressive pressure around key muscles. It can make the surrounding tissue tender and enhance your aches for a shorter period. a sports massage is there to help release your muscles, tendons and joints to promote recovery and muscle conditioning. This process can all add to some soreness after a massage.

If you are looking for a physiotherapy clinic, visit this article to see how you can choose one, or if you are looking for physiotherapists, go to our home page and message or call our team.