Eat, drink, but don’t be acid

I am sure you have heard about lemmings, those little animals that supposedly follow their leader and all jump off a cliff to their deaths. Now at first thought, you may be thinking dumb leader and dumb followers. But if you look at human behaviour, much of what we do is very lemming like. For example, just look at fashion. Some remote group decides what the ‘in look’ and colour is going to be for next year, then promote it like mad, and everyone buys it to be ‘in fashion’.  Doesn’t matter how bad or uncomfortable some of the fashion is sometimes, we follow like lemmings.

 Now some of you are probably thinking ‘I wouldn’t do that, I’ve got too much common sense’. Have you ever thought about what ‘common sense’ means. Something can only be sensible if it’s common to us. Fire is dangerous, don’t play with it, that’s common sense, right? No, not necessarily. A couple of years ago I was watching a program about polar bears and one bear came close to this Canadian village, who were burning their rubbish in a sizeable bonfire. The bear clearly had no idea what fire was and just walked up to it and stuck a paw in, only to run off yelping. That bear was probably unique after that in being the only polar bear to have the common sense to know that fire was dangerous.

So now we are approaching Christmas, it’s a time I always look forward to, just like everyone else. Advertisers are in full swing, promoting alcohol, chocolates, turkeys and so on, and like lemmings we will all go off and over indulge. And why not, everyone else does it, don’t they and I don’t see what’s wrong with it? Sit back and think about that. ‘Everyone else does it’ translates to ‘lemming behaviour’ and ‘I don’t see what’s wrong with it’ translates to ‘it doesn’t break my common sense test’.

The problem here lies in the fact that for the majority, the health risks associated with a very rich and acid diet are not known and are no more ‘common sense’ than fire was to the polar bear.  But at least the bear learnt very quickly that fire was dangerous and would be very wary the next time. The implications of poor diet and for many, a far too acidic diet, are not immediately apparent. Even worse, the fact that ‘everybody else’ in an individual’s social group is doing the same thing, means that it doesn’t’ even register that a diet may be poor in the first place.

No better example of this can be given than a highly publicised TV program shown a few years ago, which monitored the health implications of junk food by getting a volunteer to live on nothing other than junk. He had to be taken off the diet because his health plummeted so rapidly. What impact has this had? Very little, if you look at the explosion of junk food outlets.

There is a very interesting video on YouTube which shows how the Japanese discovered the health benefits of ionised water back in the 1960’s and since then its use has been medically approved. An ioniser produces both alkaline water, which you drink, and acid water which you can treat skin conditions with, or if very acid, use to sterilise.  The video shows how hospitals are sterilising operating theatres and medical instruments with nothing other than acid water. Surgeons are shown washing their hands before surgery in nothing other than acid water.

This ‘miracle’ is said to be possible as the water is so acid that it kills all germs. The irony is that some soft drinks that we consume are just as acidic as this water. Now you tell me, is it common sense to do this, or is this an example of lemming behaviour.

Poor diet will slowly, but surely damage your body and will eventually surface as deteriorating health and disease. You will not get the luxury of an early warning that the bear had with the fire.

Enjoy your Christmas, as I most certainly will, but if nothing else, make a decision not to go ballistic with way too much rich food and commit to start the New Year with a healthier way of living. Do that and you will live to enjoy a lot more Christmas seasons and what better Christmas present can you get than that.

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