Double Crossed

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Help For Ukraine

Our world is going through troubled times, the likes of which most of us have never had to witness so close to home. The degree of suffering in Ukraine is inhumane. Watching TV night after night with the increasing levels of destruction and suffering made us feel that we had to help in some way and the most rapid and effective way we saw was by donating money to those who could provide immediate on the ground help to those most in need.  And this help is going to be needed for a long time to come.

We have thus started to contribute to two charities, the Red Cross to help people and the Blue Cross to help the animals also caught up in this tragedy.  We will continue to contribute long after the war ends as this will take years to make good the damage done.

You Can Help Us

We have also decided, until our whole stock is exhausted, to contribute 100% of the value of sales of both Nicky Snazell’s books and her bespoke sterling silver jewellery to these charities.  All books have been reduced to £5, the large jewellery to £10 and the small jewellery to £5.

These are fantastic prices for high quality books and jewellery and you can buy these for yourself or as gifts for others.  Why not put away for future birthdays or Christmas or for a future therapists education.

Please help us help Ukraine. We guarantee 100% will go to these charities.

Thank you

Nicky & Alan