Don’t Limit What You Can Achieve By Setting Your Sights Low

Every now and then you come across something so amazing it makes you question your own beliefs about what is possible in life. Most of us set limits on ourselves that restrict what we believe is possible and guess what that’s what usually happens


We achieve far less than we could have without self inflicted limitations


I’m going to set you a theoretical target. You decide if it’s realistic or just plain daft.


You have to single handily transform a barren wasteland, twice the size of Central Park in New York, into a lush forest fit for elephants, tigers, deer and lots of other wild life.

 Oh, one last thing. By hand, no equipment.


When you have made your decision, read on…………………………………


Ok be honest. You thought about if for a second or two and decided it fell into the ‘mission impossible category. Even Tom Cruise couldn’t do that you thought. Great no change, keep the bar low.

Why? Well to most of us it would seem impossible to do. So you would set your sights a bit lower, say transform your overgrown back garden into a nicely laid out area with some grass, flower beds and a couple of trees.  Now this in itself is not a bad achievement. But how much more might you have achieved if you had set your goals higher.

How high could you have gone?

Go get your self a drink, sit back and watch what one man achieved. Be inspired and reset your goals higher.