Do You Want to Avoid A Long Phone Call to Book With Us?

The great news is that the UK is now beginning to exit the COVID pandemic and life is beginning to return to normal.

Understandably though, we still need to be cautious, and the authorities rightly require us to make sure we minimise risk for you and our staff. This means that if you have not already completed a COVID questionnaire with us, you will have to endure going through this on the phone and sometimes you won’t have time to do it.

We have thus created an online version of the form, which is attached, so that you can complete the form at a time which suits you better. If you are thinking of returning to us for treatment, and have not already completed the questionnaire, then by submitting this form beforehand, we will have plenty of time to resolve any issues that may occur. This means that when it comes time to book your appointment, it will be a fast and streamlined process, which will inevitably be a lot more convenient to you.

All you have to do is click on the button below, answer the questions and submit.  If there are any issues that need discussing, we will get back to you by phone.