Christmas Holiday is Coming – An Opportunity To Heal and Rejoice A Better 2021

2020 will soon be over and for most of us it can’t come to soon. It will be a year that most of us will want to forget and put behind us.

The rapidly approaching Christmas holiday is going to give us exactly that opportunity, a chance to relax, unwind and think of a brighter future without the gloom of a pandemic hanging over us like a dark cloud. The recent announcements of vaccines have certainly had an uplifting effect. When we go out now, we see more smiling faces and more people happy to say hello again.  We all know the battle is not yet won, but win it we shall and 2021 will be the year to celebrate this.

So, this Christmas holiday take the time to think of a brighter, sunnier future and as the saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ goes, reflect upon what we need to learn and change as we exit the pandemic.

Do you remember seeing the rapid and significant improvements in the air and rivers that took just a few weeks to occur? What a wonderful thing to see and even better, it’s clearly something we can see is in our grasp. It’s a lesson we need our younger generations to take control of to ensure a better future for the planet.

Did this lesson impact our rulers in making the decision to stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars in just 9 years’ time? It has certainly impacted the public’s attitude to electric cars. Forget the politics, just imagine being able to go out without having to taste and smell the pollution, and listen to the noise that engines produce. Fresh, clean air is coming soon, with all the health benefits that brings.

Sadly, some of us will not see this bright new future, having succumbed to the pandemic, a pandemic which has struck down people from all spectrums of life. In the majority of cases the health of the individual has been a contributing factor and we owe it to ourselves and the next generations to respond positively to this knowledge. The good news is that we all instinctively know when something is good or bad for our health and for many it’s just a matter of needing a helping hand to guide us along the right path.

Prevention is always better than cure and that’s why we promote Wellness, which is very much a preventative approach. Certainly, Nicky Snazell’s Clinic has the knowledge and expertise to provide you exactly that kind of help in a simple to understand way. Better health and a stronger immune system are there if you want it.

For Nicky & I, 2020 has certainly been a stressful year, so we are really looking forward to a well-earned break. This year we are going to be closed from 24th December to 1st January inclusive and that’s going to give us and the team a full 11 days to unwind and plan for a better 2021.

For us, we will be cycling out on the Chase most days and with the help of good lighting, some nights as well, adding to the 4,000 miles we have already pedalled this year. The Chase has an extensive hidden history and we are enjoying learning more each time we visit.

We are also going to add a new member to our family next year, this time being a dog and we have already sourced a puppy carrier, so that it can also enjoy our many hours exploring the beauty of the Chase. I’m sure this will create great interest from passers-by.

Animals of course are great therapy and we are going to get an Australian Labradoodle, which are well known to make excellent therapy dogs (who knows, we might add dog therapy to help with anxiety -  I’m trying to imagine Erica & Jean booking dog appointments though!) They are also non shedding and great for allergy sufferers, which will be good for Alan. Yesterday we started thinking of names as we cycled. Something unusual for a female dog. Now that’s positive!

So, to all of you, this Christmas think positively about the bright new future that 2021 holds.  Plan to take positive steps to ensure you make the most of it.


If you want to improve your health and strengthen your immune system to help defend yourself from future viral attacks, then we can help.

Call now 01889 881488. Erica & Jean will be happy to help.


p.s. Please ask to book with the dog just to wind Erica & Jean up.