Choose The Right Exercise For You And Get The Proven Benefits

Exercise. Even the mention of the word usually causes a groan.  We all have our reasons, or excuses, for not exercising, but mainly it’s because  we can easily imagine the short term pain, but not so easily visualise the long term benefits.

We won’t even try to make it sound like dedicated and consistent exercise is easy, because for it to be of any benefit, you have to put some effort in.  Sadly for most, that’s enough to go no further. This is at great personal cost to you later in life though. Make no mistake, It will cost you.

So what are the benefits of exercise?

  • Done at the correct level, it’s anti-ageing
  • It reduces fat and improves appearance
  • It makes you happier
  • It’s good for mental health, a natural anti –depressant
  • It strengthens muscles, which helps you have a happier and more active life
  • Stronger muscles also mean joints move more easily with less pain.
  • Correct exercise levels help protect  joints from arthritis and strengthen bones to help  prevent bone thinning.
  • It improves circulation
  • It helps prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, strokes and obesity
  • It stretches the fascia and helps maintain elasticity, easing movement and reducing pain
  • It improves the immune system.


Many of the bad things exercise can help  with are on the increase, blighting many lives prematurely.  Doctors agree that right now, one of the best ways to help protect yourself from COVID is by getting healthier and fitter. Is this not reason enough alone to start exercising?


We can’t force you to exercise, but we  would strongly advise you to make regular exercise  a part of your life now, so that you can help yourself have a much better later life and help prevent chronic diseases.


If you want advice on what to do,  then we have great Sports Therapists who would be happy to help.  Call now on 01889 881488 and Erica or Jean will be happy to help.

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The trick with exercise is to link it to something you enjoy doing. Nicky & I have tried different forms of exercise over the years and at one time we were at the gym or pool three times a week. Nicky’s preference was always the pool as she has grew up from a young age loving the water. For me, it was much more exercise equipment in the gym, rather than weights.

Just over a year ago we decided to switch to being outside more and got a couple of bikes to ride on the chase and now that’s a very integral part of our lifestyle, having done over 5000 miles between us exploring every corner of the chase.  It’s amazing how much history there is on the chase and a recent book has just been published on the war camps there which gives us the added interest of trying to work where everything was.  Of course there is the added benefit of the beauty of the chase, added by the changes of the four seasons.


Call now on 01889 881488 and Erica or Jean will be happy to help.

We are open throughout the lockdown