Book Online

You can now book your next appointments online via our website

You will see an orange box at the top left of each page. Click on that and it will take you to the launch page.

Online booking is only suitable for existing clients:

  1. You are an existing client AND
  2. You are being treated for an existing episode SO
  3. You know which therapist to book

New clients and existing clients with a new problem should either fill in a webform or preferably call the clinic on 01889 881488.

Existing clients with a current treatment episode can click the link to take them to online booking.  You will need to enter your first name, surname, date of birth, email and mobile number.  Please make sure you enter your name as you provided to us when we first registered you or we will not be able to identify you on our system (Your browser should save the above details except your date of birth)

Then choose:

  1. the type of appointment
  2. the practitioner (even if there is only 1 option, you still have to choose)
  3. the time of day you would like an appointment
  4. the date that best suits you
  5. the time that best suits you (even if there is only 1 option, you still have to choose)

You will then get a confirmation screen to check all the details and click the Opayo (formerly Sagepay) button to enter payment details below.

Opayo will require your first name, surname and address. (apologies for some repetition here. We are waiting for our management software developers to update their software)

Please note that your appointment booking will not complete until payment is made.