Ask The Right Question

Many of us are frustrated and confused by the arguments and counter arguments we constantly hear about just about anything.  How can expert A argue the complete opposite of expert B? Well it depends in part if they were asked the same question.

So let’s start with something that probably most of us know about - RDA. RDA was introduced around the end of World War Two, to eliminate problems caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as scurvy and rickets. That’s 75 years ago, before most of us were born.

Go to any food store today and you will find examples of what percentage of RDA a particular product provides. (Ask yourself how many other things are still judged today against a 75 year old standard) Not a bad thing in itself, but at the end of WWII, the western world was devastated, there was food rationing and it’s hardly like that today. Unless your diet is particularly bad, you should easily manage to get RDA levels in your diet.

Hence, and quite rightly, you will hear comments like ‘vitamin supplements are a waste of money’, or the one I really like, ‘vitamins just make expensive wee.’ If you are eating a decent diet, all this is true. Provided that is, you are only looking at RDA levels, which are only to prevent sickness.

Fast forward 75 years and our knowledge and understanding in just about everything has grown massively. An example of which is that a group of leading authorities on diet and nutrition in North America created a new nutrition standard, called Optimum Nutrition.

The intent of this new standard is to improve health, the polar opposite of RDA, which was to prevent sickness.

In current times, with the global coronavirus pandemic, can you think of a better time to strengthen your defences?

Now various studies have shown that due to modern intense farming methods, the vitamin and mineral content of today’s fruit and vegetables is a fraction of that in 1945. Combine that with higher levels required for Optimum Nutrition and it soon becomes clear that it is practically impossible to get sufficient vitamins and minerals without supplementation.

Now ask the right question. Do vitamins and minerals just make expensive wee? Not if you understand the purpose of Optimum Nutrition, which is to IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH.

Nicky and I have been taking optimum nutrition levels of supplementation for a number of years, plus we eat a diet which is as healthy as we can make it. Many GP’s we talk to are taking plenty of supplements at the moment, maybe not at optimum nutrition levels, but their intent is clear. Our bodies need every bit of help they can get at the moment.

High quality comparative information on supplements is available in North America and we choose to buy ours from a company that always scores right at the top. They make their own supplements and to pharmaceutical standards, which means you are guaranteed to get precisely what it says on the label.  Most companies do neither.

Generally, the people I talk to are very sceptical about supplements because of what they have heard.  I get that. But what question was being answered?

Breaking News

There are now close 30 studies demonstrating that having optimum blood levels of Vitamin D reduces COVID-19 risks: reduced risk of infection, reduced risk of severe disease, reduced risk of dying.

Many researchers now regard the evidence as overwhelming

While many will say we need more research, ask yourself this: What have you got to lose?


Nicky & I have no financial link to any vitamin manufacturer. This information is provided merely to help you and the choices you make for yourself and those important to you.