Are You Shocked?

Possibly? But At No Extra Charge From Us!


Radial Shockwave seems to be the in thing at the moment, with increasing numbers of clients calling to ask if it might help their condition.

For those of you who have not heard of radial shockwave, here is a brief summary.

The technology is far from new, having been developed, it is reported, from observations in WWII, where troops were injured and sometimes killed by the shockwaves resulting from near miss explosions.

Since then, the use of shockwave as a treatment has been researched, developed and used much more in mainland Europe than the UK. Thus the UK came to the party many years after it was firmly established in the rest of Europe, but it is now common here.

What Conditions Can Radial Shockwave Treat?


We use radial shockwave to help treat many conditions, ranging from tennis elbow, to low back pain, Achilles tendonitis, ligament damage, fascial tightness, frozen shoulder, calcified tendonitis, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis (policeman’s foot). In short, it has benefits for treating much of the body.

Is It Expensive?

The answer to that is it depends where you go for treatment. We were one of the first clinics in the country to provide radial shockwave treatment and we went to Europe for training to make sure we were providing well informed treatment. We have since invested in no less than four radial shockwave machines. So we have vast experience in using radial shockwave.

We Were SHOCKED when we found out how much other clinics charge for shockwave

Last week we bought our fourth radial shockwave and in discussion with the company we were informed that most clinics in the UK only have one machine, rarely does a clinic have two. This didn’t surprise us but we were shocked when we were told that the average charge outside of London for a single shockwave treatment was £60 to £100. Inside London it was monopoly money.

We don’t charge extra for shockwave.

Our philosophy is to provide the very best treatment we can and all our therapists have access to all our technology, including radial shockwave and all of this technology is available at no extra cost to you.

What is Shockwave?

There are two types of shockwave technology, radial and focussed, with by far the majority in use being radial.

Focussed shockwave uses a focussing lens, similar in concept to a car headlight, which brings the sound waves together at a specific depth. Focussed shockwave is used to break up kidney stones, deep within the body. Accurate depth control is important and usually requires scanning technology. It’s not the best tool for treating many MSK problems.

Radial shockwave uses a gun type device, where a bullet is fired and hits a metal endpiece which in turn is pressed on the body. In this way the energy of the bullet is transferred into the body as an intense sound wave, which diverges once in the body. Typically, the maximum effective depth is 30mm, as by then the wave is widely dispersed.

Most radial shockwave equipment uses compressed air to provide energy to the gun and more recently, all electric guns have gained popularity, being lighter and more mobile.


What Should You Do?

Radial shockwave is now readily available across the UK, so you have plenty of choice.  Bear in mind that radial shockwave is not the answer to every problem and we consider it just one of the tools in our toolbox.  Just as you wouldn’t try to take a screw out with a hammer, we wouldn’t use radial shockwave for certain conditions.

Ultimately, the skill and knowledge of the therapist is far more important than any one piece of equipment and for our part, we are confident that we have a very strong team of knowledgeable therapists. Our knowledge and commitment to radial shockwave is probably as good as anybody in the UK.

More importantly, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg for an in vogue treatment. In fact, we won’t charge you anything extra at all.


If you are in pain, we can help.


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