Are You Fearful of Retiring?

Retirement and getting older are inextricably linked, but ageing does not have to be. The latest research is getting closer to not only slowing but potentially reversing the ageing process.

(First published Daily Telegraph 19th August 2023)

"Most people, if asked would they like to live longer, would say no because they are fearful of extending their suffering in old age.  But what if living longer and healthier was a reality? Most would undoubtedly jump at the chance.

The good news is that our knowledge of the ageing process is rapidly increasing, helped by advances in AI. Every day we are getting closer to reversing the ageing process, and the benefits will be extending our healthy lifespan, making a long, active and youthful retirement a reality.

Since I wrote my first book, ‘The 4 Keys To Health’, there have been massive strides forward in our understanding of how our bodies and minds work. Not surprisingly, this makes the whole subject of ageing a complicated puzzle, and as always, there are differing views. Thus, for the layman, finding the optimal pathway through this minefield is a near-impossible task.

My aim, therefore, is to provide a simplified and easily digestible roadmap for all by incorporating the latest knowledge in my 4 keys health model, and I will incorporate this in the second edition of my 4 Keys To Health book.  In the meantime, I am available for consultation for those who wish to make positive changes now that can provide benefits later in life."

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