GunnIMS for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a form of pain that last for a prolonged period. This timescale can range from several weeks to many years, and can the pain worsens over time. Chronic pain can significantly affect quality of life, and can lead to many secondary conditions including depression. This cycle can be difficult to break from.

Have you suffered months, or even years of pain and have you tried everything, but nothing seems to help? Are you on a cocktail of drugs to control your pain, are concerned about the possible side effects of the drugs and do not want to be on the drugs forever? Have you suffered years of pain but nobody seems to know what it is?

Nicky Snazell

Nicky Snazell

If this is you, then it could be you have a neuropathic problem, which conventional scans such as X-ray and MRI, simply cannot see. This is where GunnIMS excels, it is unsurpassed in diagnosing then treating such problems. That’s why so many people come to this clinic from all over the UK, from Europe, the Middle and Far East and the Caribbean. GunnIMS succeeds where other treatments fail and is used as part of a wider physiotherapy treatment.

If this describes your story, don’t you owe it to yourself to see Nicky Snazell?

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