Dry Needling Treatments

Can you provide Dry Needling?

Yes, Pain Relief Clinic can provide Dry Needling Treatments and we have lots of information on this website about the topic, please use the page below for more information on what it is, and does it hurt.

About 'Dry Needling', and why it should not hurt.

Our skin has a lot of nerves to sense touch, hot and cold, pressure and pain. However, once a needle has gone beyond the immediate outer layer, there are very few pain sensors. A skilled practitioner understands this and will penetrate the skin very quickly, so that you would feel nothing more than a small prick. (no pun intended) TCM will aim to penetrate to the layer of fascia where the patient gets a very definite sensation which is almost totally painless. Thus the majority of TCM therapists and those western therapists who use TCM points, will provide almost totally painless treatment. The next level of needling is dry needling into tight muscles, or trigger points. This can cause a deep ache, usually short lived. Again an experienced practitioner can use skills and technology to largely alleviate the pain response. Firstly, by using a therapeutic laser, which will generally penetrate up to 30mm into the body and greatly help to relax muscle spasm. In fact ‘Laser puncture’ refers to the use of a laser over TCM points, and can be helpful in treating patients without needles. The second and more powerful technique to minimise a pain response is by first acupuncturing specific points


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What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling refers to the use of a non-hypodermic needle. Acupuncture needles are solid, they cannot inject a drug. Thus they provide a dry and not wet treatment. Hypodermic needles, which are used to inject drugs, are relatively much thicker and more painful to insert. This is perhaps why so many grow up with needle phobias.


It may at first seem that both acupuncture and dry needling are the same. After all, they are both dry techniques. But there the similarities end. Whereas acupuncture is a traditional method developed thousands of years ago, dry needling is relatively new, only having been adopted in the last few decades.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (TCM) and western acupuncture, both insert the needle at shallow depths, aimed at developing a stimulus into the fascia.


Dry needling is primarily used to treat tight muscles, or trigger points, to ease muscular pain. In some cases the needles are inserted and left for a number of minutes. In some cases the needles are moved up and down to increase the effect. Dry needling is thus closer to GunnIMS than traditional acupuncture. However, GunnIMS specifies that only Medical Doctors and Physiotherapists in certain countries are qualified to be trained. It also requires intensive training and passing exams. Dry needling courses can involve little more than a weekends training.

Acupuncture and the NHS

Acupuncture is a treatment that has been and continues to be heavily debated by western medical practitioners. The views are widespread- some GP Practices and NHS hospitals have in the past openly used acupuncture, while others have not. One year, NICE, the organisation which determines approval for treatments and technology which may be used in the NHS, gives acupuncture a gold standard for treating conditions such as back pain. The next year acupuncture for treating back pain vanishes.

NICE guidelines are based upon an ‘evidence based’ model, which in simple terms means that there has to be sufficient evidence to support use. Thus the current position is that acupuncture lacks sufficient ‘evidence based’ data to support its use. How there could have been sufficient data the year before is confusing.

As a result, the current situation is that acupuncture is largely dismissed in the NHS and not easily available..


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How can a Dry Needling help me?

  • Re-ignite your motivation for life.
  • Improve mobility

 How Do Physiotherapists Treat My Condition?

At Nicky Snazell's Wellness & Physiotherapy clinic, we focus on neuro and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Our ultimate goal is to establish your maximum functional independence. Physiotherapists develop a personalised program to move you towards optimum musculoskeletal health. To achieve this, we combine our diagnostic listening skills, with hands-on treatment, supported by our broad range of technology. Physiotherapists prescribe and monitor a lifestyle and exercise program with realistic and attainable goals.

Nicky Snazell's Pain Relief Clinic offers fully qualified physiotherapy to serve Stafford, Rugeley, Cannock and the surrounding areas. To compliment our treatment we can also provide information on healthy lifestyle, weight targets, diet & nutrition.