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Cannock is less than 20 minutes away from our world-class Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Treatment clinic. How far would you travel to get your health back and to feel better? At times, we'd bet the end of the earth, well there is no need Pain Relief Clinic is just 17 minutes away in Worsley Bridge Stafford. If you need help with your pain, use this page to enquire and our team will call you back to make a booking to suit. 

From Physiotherapy, to Sports Therapy and everything in between, get in touch with our Stafford Clinic


Welcome to Pain Relief Clinic. We are a private pain clinic near Cannock in Stafford. Just 17 minutes and 8.5 miles from the town, our clinic is the perfect distance to receive our amazing treatments.

Because we are so close and widely respected for our powerful and wholistic approaches, Nicky Snazell and her team sort after. Come and find out why for yourself.

ports Rehab Cannock

Sports rehabilitation, let us help you recover from your injury and you will feel much better. You can feel fitter and stronger again, and it is within your grasp. Often reoccurring injuries from old sports injuries or perhaps recent ones might feel like they will not subside. In most cases, we can help to improve your day-to-day life, with our extraordinary treatments.


Massage Cannock

Massage therapy can be helpful in supporting other issues, and it can be used after physiotherapy to great effect. Massage treatments are brilliant as reducing stress and allowing you to heal.


Sports Massage Cannock

In Cannock and Staffordshire, we play Cricket, Tennis, Rugby and Football, so sports massage is also good for cyclists and runners alike. We can help you with your sports massage therapy. Use the form on this page to make an enquiry.


Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain varies from person to person, and how the pain is felt does too. Chronic pain has a way of getting you down and affecting your happiness. It can make you snap at loved ones and even give you depression.


Well Being Treatments

Pain Relief Clinic will provide you with well-being treatments that improve your life and continue to help you month to month and year to year. Many of our older clients like to see us for their well-being as we can also keep an eye on them and keep them mobile for longer. If you would benefit from well being help, get in touch.

Just 17 minutes and 8.4 miles from Cannock to Stafford


We are a private clinic.

Chosen by insurers and private customers to give them the best service possible for their condition.   Few other clinics can boast the facilities we have available in ours. Why not come and see us to experience this for yourself? Nicky and the team are here to help.


As you have seen on this page, we provide a host of core services, but alongside these, we also provide modern treatments using the very last technology, which means you are able to access the very latest machines and treatments to help you recover quickly.


As above, these treatments include: 

  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Sports injury and rehab
  • Chronic pain
  • Wellness


Pain treatments

Common treatments in the Cannock area are back, knee, neck, and leg pain.  If you are suffering from pain in any of these areas and would like to find a quick and straightforward way to deal with your pain, contact us and book an appointment with our team.  Please use the form below and contact us today!