Meet Nicky Snazell

asp_8571International presenter and instructor on health, wellbeing and pain relief.

Author of a series of health books.
Consultant physiotherapist in pain relief.

From an early age Nicky has shown a keen interest in healing and helping others. During her teens, experiencing her mothers suffering, set her off on a quest to resolve this.

She graduated in Biological Sciences 1988, specialising in cellular physiology and psychology. She then went on to graduate in Physiotherapy in 1991.

Then started a 25 year program of studying alternative medicine, and studying, teaching and presenting this internationally.

She is the founder of 3 health companies and still treats in 3 of her clinics embracing wholistic physiotherapy, healthy living, and new technology for joint repair.

In her first book ’the 4 keys to Health’ she shared her extensive knowledge of how the public could improve their health through lifestyle changes. This goes into more depth in the Human Garage Trilogy.

Nicky is a twice award winner from iSTOP and AACP. She was awarded these for her unrelenting commitment and her outstanding cutting-edge approach to treating, and presenting internationally at seminars, radio and writing about health.




A skilled practitioner in pain control, running her own practices, driven to provide the best treatment available. First in the world to have achieved an honorary fellowship of iSTOP, the highest accolade in the study of pain medicine in recognition of extensive knowledge, outstanding contribution and expert teaching abilities. Taught this pioneering technique internationally. Highly qualified in her field of physical medicine with degrees in both Physiotherapy and Biological Sciences [Physiology with Physiology], and further postgraduate qualifications in orthopaedic medicine, sports medicine, manipulation, acupuncture, dry needling and alternative medicine.   Successfully built and led hospital departments in both private and NHS hospitals. Currently founded 3 small health companies which are well respected within the medical community.


Consulted at four clinics in the last two years, spread across the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Norfolk and Harley Street.


Presented internationally on pain and health, a health expert on radio shows, and author of four health books to date.


Highly motivated and ambitious, with an ongoing interest in helping the general public with preventative health issues,  constantly learning new ways to treat and teach colleagues how to help patients with complex neuro-musculoskeletal problems.


2018-on        Nicky Snazell Clinic (Midlands)

                       MRT Centre ( Midlands)

                        The Painkiller (owner/ founder of all3)


2016-   2018    Harley Street Consultant


2016 – 2017    Nicky Snazell Clinic Ltd (Norwich)



Specialist centre for treating severe and chronic neuro-musculoskeletal problems

2014 – 2016    Magnetic Resonance Treatment Centre Ltd (Harrogate)


Specialist centre for treating osteoarthritis and bone plus treatment for severe and chronic neuro-musculoskeletal problems

2008 – on        Magnetic Resonance Treatment Centre Ltd (Stafford)


                        Specialist centre for treating osteoarthritis and bone

2007 - on         Nicky Snazell Clinic Ltd (Stafford)

Full-time clinic with orthopedic surgeons, podiatric surgeon, physiotherapists, sports therapists


2002 - 2007     Nicky Snazell Clinic Ltd

                        Director / Owner


Full-time home clinic, experienced dramatic growth with patient referrals from whole UK and internationally as far as Australia.


1991 – 2002    Self Employed Practice

Established a strong practice for treating complex and severe spinal pain


1996 – 2002    Rowley Park Private Hospital
                        Physiotherapy Department Manager


Built the department from nothing to a strong team, yielding a strong growth in sales and profit.

Established a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for back and neck pain.


1995 - 1996     Cannock Chase NHS Hospital

Superintendent Physiotherapist


Managed physiotherapy department


1991 - 1995     Stafford General NHS Hospital

                        Senior Physiotherapist



1991                Physiotherapy B.Sc.  Wolverhampton University

1988                Biological Sciences [Physiology &Psychology] Hons B.Sc.                                      Birmingham University


Post Grad Awards


2017                Best UK Pain Relief Clinic

2016                First AACP  Excellence Award for Patient Service

2004                First iSTOP Award of an Honorary Fellowship


Additional Qualifications:


Diploma in Sports Medicine

Diploma in Rheumatology and Injection techniques

Advanced certified Gunn IMS practitioner

Certified trainer of Gunn IMS

Certificate in Maitlands Manipulation

Certified NLP practitioner

Certified Shiatzu Practitioner

Certified [AACP] acupuncturist


Published Author of 4 books 4 Keys To Health Jan 2015, The Mind Nov 2015, The Body 2016.The Soul 2017





In-house, Inservice training, every alternate week since 2007- 2017designed by myself

Weekly Reiki/ Shamanic/NLP healing meetings over 25 years.

Regular radio interviews on health issues

Written monthly magazine articles for county magazines on health

May 2017, AACP Coventry UK Conference. Lecturing and Practical Teaching on Using The Needle As A Diagnostic Tool

April 2017 published Soul Book

December 2016 Consultant at 10 Harley Street

October 2016, Lecturing on the PKM [painkiller method].’’Using the needle as a diagnostic tool.’’AACP conference.Glasgow Scotland

Sept 19th 2016 commenced consulting and teaching at Norwich Rowan House clinic

August 2016 published Body Book

August 2016 radio fm talk about kids and sort and my body book

August 2016 interviews in Norwich and Harley Street to start seeing patients in both locations.

May 2016 AACP conference. Coventry

July 2016 commenced as expert on Health and Wellbeing Radio Show Stray fm Yorkshire

Sept 2015 Presenting to Gardeners society on healthy backs

Nov 2015 Trigger point needling Jon Hobbs 1 day

Nov 2015, stage 2 of Harrogate renovations and room expansion

Nov 2015 Published Mind Book

October 2015, Stafford fm sandwich show on keeping sport healthy for kids

June 2015 set up Harrogate MRT practice and marketing strategy

May 2015 AACP conference 2 days Coventry

April 2015 OCPPP conference 1 day

April 2015 MBST Germany Frankfurt ‘future of this technology in UK meeting.’

Jan 2015 MRT[MBST] clinic set up ,renovated and opened. Stafford

Jan 2015 published 4 keys book

Oct 2014 Z factor 4 day event presenting as the painkiller. Spain

April 2014 OCPPP conference 2 days

Nov 2013 Frankfurt MBST technology tradeshow and meetings



May 2013                  AACP Conference

April 2013                 OCPPP Conference

Nov 2012                   Patrick Holford Health Seminar 1 day

Nov 2012                   MBST meetings.Frankfurt, Germany

Nov 2012                  Internet Marketing Conference, Chris Cardell 3 days

Oct 2012                   Presenting 4 keys and Pain at premier Z Factor health seminar event with Joseph Mc Clendon.

May 2012                 AACP Conference

April 2012                 OCPPP Conference

May 2011                  Presenting pain at Z Factor health seminar with Joseph

                                  McClendon Switzerland, 4 days

May 2011                  NLP Practitioner Course, Richard Bandler, London 9 days

May 2011                  AACP Conference

April 2011                OCPPP conference

Jan 2011                    Psychology / NLP seminar Joseph McClendon, London 2 days

Dec 2010                   Start writing book

Nov 2010                  Organised and introduced Joseph‘Psychology of Motivation’ seminar with Joseph

                                  McClendon, Hoar Cross

Oct 2010                   Entrepreneur Marketing Summit Dan Kennedy & Chris Cardell

                                  London 3 days

Oct 2010                   NLP training Jamie Smart

July 2010                  Marketing Seminar Chris Cardell London 3 days

June 2010                  Life coaching/psychology seminar Tony Robbins Rome 4 days

May 2010                  Finance Seminar Robert Kiyosaki London 3 days

May 2010                  AACP Conference

April 2010                OCPPP conference

April 2009                 OCPPP conference

June 2008                  Adv practitioners course in orthopedic medicine (MSc)

June 2008                  Shockwave ISMT conference and trigger point workshop

                                  Antibes, France.

May 2008                  Podiatry lectures. Cannock.

May 2008                  Resonance meeting and scientific demo on bone cell growth


April 2008                 OCPPP conference.

Dec 2007                   Lecturing IMS in Malta at International Podiatrists conf.

Nov 2007                  Co-wrote paper on IMS and podiatry.

Sept-Dec 2007        Presentations to running clubs and athletes clubs.

June - Dec 2007        Training junior Physio.

June 2007                   Informal tuition given to podiatric surgeon on IMS.

                                  Informal internships on IMS given at clinic.

                                  Informal teaching on biomechanics.

May 2007                  Informal tuition on US referral and instigated US scanning     

                                  Service at clinic                                                                              

2007-2006                 Repeat visits to Leeds teaching hospital to observe surgery and

                                  Outpatient clinics .Tutor Roger Hackney.

May   2007                Shockwave and Ultrasound scanning course. Henley.

April 2007                 Prof Gunn lecture given to 20 surgeons on opening night at

                                  Clinic.OPEN main clinic after renovating.Nicky Snazell clinic.      ltd and close home practice of 4 years full time

May   2006                Laser course Warwick University.

April 2006                 Acupuncture conference Coventry.

December 2005         Consultant Sports Physiotherapist to London football club

October 2005             Lecturer at F.A. premiership conference Lilleshall.

2005                           Provided Advanced IMS internships to Doctors & Physio’s

October 2004             Awarded first ISTOP honorary fellowship in international

                                   Recognition of contributions to pain medicine.

October 2004             Organised and Instructed IMS 4 day course, Stafford

                                    Invited Prof Gunn and Dr Cassons for practical sessions.

June 2004                    Attended McKenzie 4 day course

May 2004                    OCPPP pain Conference, Nottingham

April 2004                   Lectured at IMS course, London

January 2004               IMS Education Committee Forum, Vancouver

May 2003                    Presented IMS at 1st European Fibromyalgia Conference, Germany

April 2003                   OCPPP Conference

April 2003                   Lectured at IMS Course, London

October 2002              Awarded Reiki Master

April 2002                   Lectured at IMS Course, London

January 2002               Interviewed for IMS World Documentary. Clinic selected as one of 3 locations worldwide.

December 2001           Awarded Instructor level IMS

October 2001              IMS Internship Seoul, South Korea

January 2001               Represented UK IMS at International IMS Awards, Vancouver

                                    Founder member of IMS Education Committee for ISTOP

December 2000           Lectured at IMS Course, London

April 2000                   Awarded IMS Advanced level, Vancouver

June 1999                    On set Pain specialist at BBC Television series location.

January 1999               IMS Internship, Vancouver

October 1998              IMS exams passed, Cambridge University.

1996 - 1998                 Shiatzu 2 year course Nottingham

1994 - 1996                 Organised and attended 6 Acupuncture courses covering intro,

                                    intermediate and advanced with Gagne and Prof Wong.

                                    Cannock x3, Birmingham, Solihull.      

1994                            Achieved Diploma.Rheumatology injection 1 year course.

1993                            Achieved (one year course) Sports Diploma Physiotherapy M.Sc course, Manchester Metropolitan University

1992                            Orthopaedic medicine courses London part A, part B, part C.

1992                            Achieved Orthopaedic society of Medicine exams London

1992                            Maitland Spinal & Peripheral manipulation 1 year course, Bath

1992                            B.A.S.M British Association of Sports Medicine. Intro,

                                    Intermed, Advanced courses. Lilleshallx2