Gait Analysis Stafford

Nicky Snazell's Pain Relief Clinic is proud to announce a new service we now offer our clients: Gait Analysis.

Gait analysis is reviewing and understanding your Gait to improve your biomechanical form. Typically, Gait Analysis is used to help identify issues or possible corrections. In nearly every case, the primary objective is to reduce the risk of injury or problems caused by improper shoes or form.


Why is Gait Analysis important? 

Gait Analysis is important because it provides a level of insight that is challenging to see by eye, especially if your corrections are only minor. Gait Analysis ensures you buy the correct running or walking shoe suited to your movement style.


How is Gait Analysis performed?

Our running specialist will video your run to allow for professional gait analysis, which involves observing you walking and running on a treadmill; we film from behind and physically observe from all directions to give a 360º perspective of how you walk and run. 

The footage is then analysed by one of our highly qualified physiotherapists. Then, we use Dartfish Video Analysis software, which enables us to replay footage in slow motion and allows the team to measure angles and synchronise video clips side by side. By doing this, it demonstrates and highlights your shape and form, permitting us to give you actionable feedback.

Why is Gait Analysis so good?
The value of doing this means buying the right running shoes for your running style. It allows us to see any issues that might exacerbate your sports injury or help you to catch an issue before it causes you long-term problems.


The reason that choosing gait analysis is so good is that the correct form will limit the impacts of running. Therefore, it helps you understand what footwear is suited to your biomechanical needs.


You will run and walk on the treadmill for a short period, typically less than a minute while a video clip is taken. After this has, one of our qualified team will talk you through the stages of the gait cycle, and answer any questions you may have about what is happening in the video.


Common problems identified by Gait Analysis
- Over-pronation
- Over-supination
- Misaligned knee or hip joints
- Heel striking
- Upper body rigidity


After looking at the video, we will recommend suitable footwear to ensure that any inefficiencies or problems identified in the gait analysis are addressed. You must bring your current pair of running shoes to your appointment to help give us a more in-depth analysis the wear pattern on the shoes so that we can show you exactly what is going on.


Nicky and the team can provide custom orthotic solutions to support our findings. We are sure that this means