Deep Oscillation Integrated Use

I have introduced to this again recently whilst presenting at the AACP conferences in 2016 and 17.

Just after this event, in part due to too much talking, bronchitis hit me big time and I was amazed at the effect of this technology on my lungs; I could breathe afterwards and slept much better.

It is so easy to use especially for those skilled in massage, the results include pain relief, anti-in­flammatory effects, the reduction of swelling [oedema], the acceleration of wound healing and can be used straight after an injury.

I love the ability to wear the technology as gloves thus giving a deep connection between therapist and patient. With some sensitive [neuropathic] painful conditions strong hands-on massage can just make the pain worse, however, this soothing treatment helps. It’s a lovely way to also combine with stress relieving shamanic reiki to kick-start the immune system. Furthermore, it’s great to be able to ease fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, swollen painful muscles to name a few, whilst manipulating the joints and acupuncture needles at the same time.

I came across three good pieces of research on this, though there are a lot more out there: Jahr et al., 2008, Aliyev, 2009, and Aliyev, 2012.Much more on our website

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