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“As somebody who has had a back pain problem for over 25 years I can only emphasise the benefits of doing more than just have treatments. Once you find the best treatment for your back pain (in my case it was Nicky Snazell and IMS) then that should not be the end of the matter.

Back Pain

Lumbar back pain

The treatments should hopefully only support the work you do yourself to help manage your own particular situation. I have always exercised and eaten sensibly to help the body but I always looked for anything else that might help me even if it did not always work as you hoped.

My aim was to have the treatments from Nicky as a maintenance issue rather than a cure and to make the length of time between visits longer. By continually discussing the broader issues with the clinic and trying new ways to combat my problem I believe I have succeeded in adding years to my active life style.

For me personally it was a case of having a bio-mechanical analysis and orthotics fitted and combining this with a good exercise and core programme. I also have a massage once a month to help iron out any tight spots (as well as using a foam roller to self-massage).

As a result of working hard on this my back (which used to give way every 3 months or so) has not locked up for 3 years. I’m 62 and my back is in better shape now than it was 20 years ago. I regularly go to the gym and as a keen cyclist ride sportive events and go on club runs with so much more confidence that my back will hold up.

MRT - Patients View

MRT – Patients View

At my maintenance sessions at the clinic I also read about MRT [Magnetic Resonance Treatment]. I researched it and decided to give it a go. In the treatments I included my knees and lower back. I was due to do the 3 Peaks (Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis) for my brother’s 65th and was nervous about how my right knee, in particular, would hold up, as last time I did a big hill, my knee swelled up a lot…

I can only say that I had no problems whatsoever and was amazed at how good I felt.

The problems have not gone away but they are controlled and managed. You have to work at this but the rewards are there if you do.

I can only urge anybody else with back and other mechanical problems to not just rely on treatment but work at helping yourself to get better and to be fit to do the things you love doing.

Your own body is the most priceless thing you have. Work on it!”

Magnetic Resonance Treatment (MBST) Helps Royal Marine Commando

“John” enjoyed 5 years of international athletics, and then joined the Army. Following a tour of duty in the Gulf , “John” returned home in July 2012 unable to bend his left knee properly; he was in agony. After GunnIMS pain management sessions with Nicky Snazell, she recommended a course of MRT.

“John” said he was prepared to try anything as he was due to start his Commando training in September – the following week.

Within 2 weeks of his MRT, he had virtually full range of movement back in his left knee. His Medical Officer in the Army had told him he would not last the training, and that he would have to quit and take a desk job. However, 10 weeks
later he was in full swing with his Commando training – having passed the medical, much to the astonishment of his Medical Officer.

“John” is now continuing  the intensive Commando training– often carrying over 150lbs for 8 hours a day! With regular MRT top-ups on the MBST bed every 4-5 months, he now barely feels a twinge in his knees, and only takes a pain-killer occasionally when out on exercise.

This week he came in for another set of 3 MRT top-ups, having completed a 5 mile run the day before – with no pain.

IMS Relieves 27 Years of Pain

Desperate!! That was me… When I made first contact with the Pain Relief Clinic I felt a total lost cause. I had already exhausted all manner of treatments over the years and all to no avail. So, what was it that made me choose this clinic above all others for my pain management treatment? What was is that made them shine out amongst the raft of other clinics in the area? It was just one word of six letters – “relief”. The idea of being relieved from all my pain was an all too alluring prospect to bypass on an “it won’t work” whim without at least ‘giving it a go’. So ‘give it a go’ I did and I am extremely glad I made that desperate decision to get in touch.

After only the first treatment of IMS I noticed a remarkable change in the severity of pain I was feeling, or rather the reduction in pain I was feeling to be more precise. Miracles are for the believers and I can truly say that I have been converted into a believer. To be greatly relieved of 27 years of pain after only a few treatments in my eyes is nothing short of a miracle.

Would I say that I am still desperate? Yes I am, but only in the sense that I am desperate to convince people to ‘give the Pain Relief Clinic a go’. You will not be disappointed with your treatment. Modern day miracle workers they truly are!!


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