Dean Attwood - Sports Therapist

My career within the Health Industry started with Fitness. I began at Hilton Hotels associated with the ‘Livingwell’ chain and quickly progressed to management. Following this, I opted for a more personal and exclusive environment, which gave me the opportunity to work alongside some of the finest inspirational instructors in the UK.

I have taught within numerous esteemed gym and studio locations, teaching an abundance of classes over the years from basics to master classes, including  Pilates and stretching, to strength and conditioning, all bespoke and tailored to be specific, and always with a sense of humour.

Treating injuries came naturally to me and I have invested many years treating many thousands of patients through a unique blend of Sports Massage, reflex trigger points, bespoke exercises and coaching.

Over the years, my knowledge has progressed further into specialising into the mobility of people, their bio-mechanics and how to overcome compensation mechanisms. I have had the privilege to work alongside one of the UK’s leading Bio-Mechanical Experts at numerous events and locations around England.

My aspirations to help people achieve a more balanced lifestyle, combining; life coaching, fitness regimes and positive changes to lifestyles have accomplished some amazing results.

At a younger age I fought competitively, I currently hold a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 1st Degree Black belt in Bushido, both of which I am at an instructor level. I enjoy keeping fit, using the gym and climbing the occasional mountain.