carol bancroftCarol Bancroft - Sports Therapist

I specialize in treating each client as a unique individual and customize each session to meet the clients’ specific needs. Sessions always start with a client check-in that allows me to dialogue with them and to ensure they receive the treatment that they both want and need. My mission is to provide my clients with premier quality wellness through excellent massage and bodywork techniques and exceptional customer service so they may have a rewarding experience as a whole and leave the therapy room in the best place they can be. After a session is complete I encourage the client to practice self-care to ensure they allow themselves to integrate the work done in the session on all levels.

I have been asked what my favourite area is to work on the body – not an easy choice but I do enjoy working the back – both upper and lower as well as the neck and shoulder area. But I also like working the legs and arms – so I am really unable to make a definite choice.

On a personal level I have several interests including Genealogy – I am slowly building my family tree going back several generations at the moment; Gardening – my garden was totally grassed over when I moved into my house 5 years ago- I now have borders and beds that are flourishing; Walking/Hiking – being out on the Chase when I can make it helps me relax; Collage work – I enjoy a process called SoulCollage© where I am building my own Oracle card deck; Cooking – specifically baking – I enjoy the process of taking separate elements and creating a whole from those.

I also enjoy going to the theatre and visiting galleries and museums as well as reading - fiction and non-fiction. Since returning from the US I now enjoy traveling in the UK and have a couple of goals – 1) to traverse the entire coastline of the UK and 2) to travel on a barge along the amazing canal network we have here in the UK.