From House Bound To Machu Picchu

Carol’s problems first started over 30 years ago with a lot of joint pain, subsequently diagnosed as a form of osteoarthritis which was only transferable down the female line. Over the following years her condition deteriorated and she was put on a cocktail of drugs, none of which really helped, but which made her feel as if she wasn’t on this planet. Carol saw three consultants who confirmed her condition was solely osteoarthritis.

Before her condition became really unbearable, Carol would walk 14 miles every week and was quite happy to go off exploring around the world. She also had a passion for supporting Wolves Football Club and was a regular at games.  Carol describes herself as not the worrying type, quite adventurous and outgoing. Nevertheless, by this point she really thought she was going to end up in a wheelchair and not able to maintain an independent life.

Her pain was predominantly in the neck, but also in her shoulders and lower down the spine. She constantly wore a neck support. At times the pain was so bad she couldn’t walk without supporting her head with her hands. She had to give up work, could no longer cope with stairs, couldn’t drive and even walking out of the house was unbearable.

At one point she was unable to open her mouth to eat for a week and had to sip sustenance through a straw. She was on morphine at night and even so still felt the need to call 111 twice in one night.  By this point, it was suggested she was hospitalised to stabilise the pain, but Carol refused as she didn’t want the risk of picking anything else up.

Then 3 years ago her life changed when, by chance, a family member met a friend who had been to Nicky Snazell’s with some similar conditions and had been helped a lot. Through sheer determination Carol made it to the clinic and was delighted when Nicky said she could help her.

Through a combination of IMS dry needling, laser and MRT, Carol’s life made a massive change for the better. Not only that, Nicky recognised that her previous diagnosis of her problem only being osteoarthritis could not explain all her symptoms and this is something for which Carol will always be grateful.

Carols neck problems were so much better that she took herself on holiday, but during the flight her knee blew up like a balloon and she ended up being flown back to the UK under supervision. Frustrated, Carol took herself to see a private consultant and with blood tests, he confirmed Nicky’s concern by diagnosing Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as Osteoarthritis.

Through regular treatment with Nicky, plus MRT top ups for both her neck and knees, Carol’s life has been transformed to the extent that she has managed the 8000 foot climb to Machu Picchu in Peru, camping on the way.  Her next trip is an exploration of South Africa.

Carol said she could not go back to where she was. Her life is 1000% better now.