If you are in pain, I can help

Are you putting up with chronic pain day in day out?

Pain that others have been unable to heal, that is undetectable with modern technology, or even that you’ve been told is “all in your head”. If so, then I can help you in Harley Street.

What you can get from treatment with me?

  • Extensive knowledge of western and eastern practices for pain treatment gathered through my years of research and exploration
  • Wholistic treatment: my take on holistic, looking at your ‘whole’ body to better identify and treat your pain
  •  A collaborative approach, where your input is just as vital as my innovative solutions
  • A physiotherapist you can trust: I’ve taught surgeons, GP’s and physiotherapists how to hunt down the origin of pain.

As a teenager I saw first hand how the western approach to severe and chronic pain is ineffective. My mother was bed ridden with severe back and sciatic pain, facing the limited options of drugs, rest and surgery. This experience spurred me on to find better ways to treat pain. I have since helped thousands of patients.

To get started on ridding yourself of chronic pain, call now on 0800 254 5164.


Nicky is a unique individual; a multifaceted medical professional who is not afraid to draw on knowledge from a broad spectrum of specialties to aid her goal in understanding and treating pain as effectively as possible. Her understanding comes from both ends of the treatment spectrum; the cutting edge of research based medical sciences and the more intuitive, ancient, some may say “sandals and candles” healing arts. In reality, Nicky places no preconceived boundaries on her knowledge or her willingness to learn, thus enabling her to develop the “real world” skills to help those in need around her.

Spend some time in the company of Nicky Snazell and learn from her the keys to unlock your potential and to see a clearer way to helping yourself improve your own health, regardless of your current state.


Director AACP

Consultant physiotherapist, acupuncture tutor, international lecturer

Nicky was born to relieve or remove our pain or at least keep it at bay. She has developed incredible knowledge, techniques and skills, which when shared, make life more comfortable for so many. We suspect she was born to heal and has learnt and developed skills and techniques to enhance her innate abilities. She has removed pain for both of us and for the many friends and acquaintances referred in her direction.

David A, patient


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