Osteoporosis is a silent disease of bone thinning that many people suffer from with no awareness until the bones start breaki

ng or crumbling, most often at the spine, hips and wrists. The pain associated with this condition can be very severe and

effectively destroy any quality of life.

The statistics for osteoporosis don’t make happy reading, particularly for post menopausal women. Typical bone density loss is around 0.5% to 1% per year, but for post menopausal women can rise to 4% per year. Hence women are 4 times more likely than men to suffer osteoporosis. One in two women and one five men over 50 will suffer a bone fracture due to osteoporosis. In the UK there are around 3 million sufferers.

Waiting for a bone to break before you sit up and think about the terrible consequences of osteoporosis doesn’t make a lot of sense and with a 50% chance of suffering, women in particular should start thinking as early as possible about prevention measures.

Trials have shown that our MRT technology can increase bone density by as much as 10% in one course of treatment and thus an annual treatment could more than offset the bone density loss even for post menopausal women.

Other treatments we can offer which will help include acupuncture for pain relief, physiotherapy with exercise prescription including weight bearing exercises and nutritional advice.

We are absolutely delighted to announce Clinical Director, Nicky Snazell’s long awaited third book ‘The Body’ is now available to buy on Amazon. This is the second book from Nicky’s trilogy ‘The Human Garage’.


The Body Book

Nicky says:

“My Human Garage, Volume 2, The Body, discusses all the hard work researchers put into creating the latest technology which combines and enhances the healing achievable through scared and ancient hands on techniques.My book embraces a utopia of pioneering physiotherapy and technology.

Within the covers is the analogy of a garage and how medics and therapist can lean more towards mechanics or healers.

There are 6 chapters, the first discussing my own learnings with my physical body getting damaged.Chapter 2 embraces the nuts and bolts of the body. Chapter 3 and 4 stories of patients and descriptions of treatment modality.The 5th is all about healthy eating and the 6th antiaging, healthy exercising.

The large appendix covers a deeper explanation of technology and a symptom sorter of musculoskeletal ailments.The bibliography details all the science I studied to write this book.

My driving purpose for this book is to share 30 years of study and clinical practice with fully integrated alternative and western medical /physiotherapy treatments.

I have experience of over 10,000 patient cases, and the knowledge of runing my own healthcare clinics what works and doesn’t work. At a time when there is still a strong political drive to move away from hands on treatment, and still embrace pain meds my type of clinic may soon be extinct.

My dream for this series of books is for all this wisdom to be there for everyone, and if possible in the NHS.I wish is for everyone to be empowered with the knowledge of how to avoid unneccessary suffering and illness. After all healthy, fit bodies need fewer pit stops and therefore receive a smaller bill at their health checks/MOT’s.Your greatest wealth is your health.

If you believe in my cause I ask that you pass this knowledge on.”

Follow the link and order your copy of ‘The Body’ today


The Body Book


‘The Body’ Nicky’s second instalment of her fantastic ‘Human Garage’ Trilogy is days away from release!


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How exercise helps your bones,
Bones are remodelled throughout their life, as they respond to stresses put on them by activity, and every day, millions of old bone cells get replaced by
new ones. Fibres within the bone matrix act like bridge girders and need weight bearing exercise to trigger reactions at connecting stress points. This
triggers a cascade of biochemical reactions which, in turn, stimulates bone growth. In space, weightlessness cannot trigger bone matrix repair and bones thin. Remember the film Gravity? Sandra Bullock had wobbly legs
when she landed from space. George Clooney gives me wobbly legs, but that’s a whole other story…
In the same way as being in space, running, cycling, and swimming is not enough to reverse osteoporotic changes. In one study of mature ladies looking at a year of aerobic exercise resulted in an average of 4% bone loss. Weight
building exercises took two years to reverse the loss. The American College of Sports medicine and the Osteoporosis Society (to name just two) insist, on the prescription of cardio exercise to include weights.
Did you know?
Just three hours of immobilisation, and we start to rot. Disuse means death.
Don’t be a couch potato.
Exercise is vital for healthy ageing, so get out of that chair!
Also want to keep your own joint?Then use MRT [magnetic resonance.]That means treatment that helps to regrow cartilage cells without stem cell work or surgery.
Gone are the days where we doomed to inactivity and pain in later life. Exercise helps your bones if done with weights,get good nutrition inside you,lead a purposeful life and give a youthful bounce back to your step. Exercising your bones is much like medicine – it doesn’t have to taste nice, but the outcome
is more than worth it. Being disciplined about getting your exercise is your key to longevity, so exercise regularly and effectively. Most people will say they don’t like it, that it’s boring or painful, that they have no time to do it,but they’re just in denial for the need to move. Well, couch potatoes, here
are some more facts for you:
• In the UK, in the 16 to 24 age group, 42% failed their recommended activity level. At 65 years old, 93% of men and 96% of ladies failed too.
Embarressed you should be.