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Optimum Health Parthenon

Pillars of Health

Nicky Snazell talks about how you can achieve optimum health in this original Pain Relief Clinic video.

Pain Relief, Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Gem in Staffordshire

We all have a tendency to think that things are better elsewhere. How many of us never go to see local attractions, but happily drive miles to see the same elsewhere, when at the same time people who live miles away travel to see our local attractions. Staffordshire may not be London, but that doesn’t…

Patient having MRT

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Nicky Snazell of The Pain Relief Clinic is one of only a few practitioners globally to have attained some of the highest medical qualifications in her industry. With a long list of qualifications, including her rise to fame as a highly acclaimed writer and professional speaker, Nicky is also a specialist in MBST (Magnetic Resonance…

Plantar Fasciitis Shockwave with Storz Medical ESWT

Affordable Shockwave

Affordable shockwave is available. The best guidelines are to check out the training undertaken and how long shockwave has been used.

Greg Davies

Orthotics. Do you need them?

Orthotics when properly prescribed can reduce pain and improve athletic performance.

Dean Attwood

Core Stability

What is core stability and how to reduce the risk of injury resulting from bad posture by improving it.

Cricket Injuries

Cricket Injuries

Cricket injuries will start with the cricket season. Make sure you are properly prepared in order to get the most out of the season.

Arthritis & How You Can Prevent The Worst Of It

Arthritis (also referred to as inflammatory joint pain) CAN be prevented with a few simple changes to your lifestyle. Information on what food you should eat and exercises you should do to help prevent getting the worst arthritis symptoms and if you do suffer arthritis, what treatments are available.

Upcoming Z-Factor Appearance in Spain

Nicky Snazell will again be sharing the stage with Joseph McClendon III in this years Z-Factor, 12th -14th of Oct, Marbella Spain

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